Pros & Cons of Online Examination System

Learning institutions have adopted online learning as a way to prevent students getting infected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The traditional exam system has been swiftly replaced by an online one. Students can now take examinations at their own pace, instead of sitting in on exams.

This new trend has the greatest advantage: students can ask class taker online “Can you take my online exam?” even if they aren’t able to do it. The online exam system has many other benefits that are worth noting.

This new system has made sit-in exams more efficient. Even a pandemic won’t stop students from graduating on schedule so that they can begin their adult lives outside of school. Students who have just finished high school do not need to wait for the coronavirus to pass to be able to apply to college.

This article will discuss the pros and cons associated with the online exam system.



This new system of examinations has the main advantage that it is environmentally friendly. The online exam system does not require students to test, unlike traditional assessment systems. The online examination system doesn’t require colleges to contribute significantly to the deforestation or environmental pollution caused by sourcing raw materials or manufacturing paper.

Learning institutions recorded large quantities of paper waste for every exam students had to take. Exam printing is prone to errors, no matter how meticulous a department may be.

Students are using laptops and desktops for exams. There is no need to use paper. Colleges can make a significant contribution to conserving natural resources by using this technology. Professionals who assist students in their exams do not need to jot down anything on paper. Click here to find out more about the best dissertation help in uk.

Climate change is a major concern in our world today due to the current climate crisis. It is everyone’s responsibility, therefore, to work towards environmental conservation. We can save the planet for future generations by prioritizing it.

Online examinations are helping to protect the environment. Tertiary institutions have also realized that digital learning is possible because all students have a laptop. Even those without a laptop can still use the resources of the college to complete assignments or sit exams. Students can also become so comfortable with technology that they are able to easily transition to different jobs.

Technologically advanced

Online examinations can help students improve their technology knowledge. It is important that students are exposed to as many technologies as possible in today’s technological world. Students can get the experience and practice they need to use different online systems through digitized exams.

Students will be more comfortable using technology to solve problems. They’ll also be better equipped to use new innovations in other areas of their lives. Students can enjoy both the virtual and real worlds by integrating the two. They will be able to use their laptops for all business transactions by the time they enter the workforce.

Online examinations have made it possible for educators and examiners to improve the quality of their evaluations. Online examination is much more convenient than traditional printing, which resulted in many errors and huge paper wastage.

It is easy to use

It might seem that online exams are difficult to use since they were only recently introduced. The digitized assessment process is very easy to use.

Students can access exam questions from any location around the globe as long as they have a functional portal. The changes are automatically updated so students can access the correct information. This makes it easy for educators to make corrections before or during exams.


Technology Adoption: Challenges

Technology can have many benefits but it can also be difficult to adopt. Before a new system can be implemented, there are many disruptions that learning institutions must go through. Because traditional methods are being replaced by digital and automated methods, this means that educators will need to be trained and operations in other departments changed.

Infrastructural Barriers

This new exam system has one major drawback: it penalizes students without access to a computer or laptop. Students living in remote areas may not have the internet or electricity they need to access their exam portal.

Wrapping up

To meet the needs of students, learning institutions are using the most recent technology. Online exams mean that students don’t need to travel to and from the exam center. This trend has also significantly reduced the carbon footprint of schools, as they no longer need to use paper to assess students’ performance. One of the best ways to sign a PDF online is by using tools such as CocoSign.

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