Personalized keychains with names, photos, or quotes

Personalized keychains are ideal to give to dad, mom, grandpa, partner, or who else you love. Customizable wood keychains with names, dates, dedicated phrases, or keychains engraved with photos.

Choose the model you like and you will see that you can write what you want to engrave… Remember “the message is what is important”… and if you want, you can also add photos… or design the keychain on the screen… choose the personalization option that you like the most.

Original keychains for men

For the grandfather, father, or partner. The keychain is an ideal gift where you can dedicate a special phrase to it. An original Valentine’s gift! Tell him how much you love him… Personalized wood keychains with names, for example, engraved the names of the children, keychains with engraved photos, or create your keychain with your child’s drawing!

Photo keychains

In addition to text, fonts, or the original phrases that we have prepared, you have key rings with an engraved or printed photo (in some models).

In almost all the keychains in our collection, you can upload photos of your children’s drawings, the footprint of the foot, photos of the baby, of your partner…

Keychains engraved with drawings

To engrave your keychain with the photo, we have to treat it to make the engraving look good: Our team is in charge of adding the photo and we will send you a sketch beforehand so that you can confirm that you like it. Upload a photo of your child’s drawing or a photo of him or her: you will have a memory of age full of creativity and that art that only children have, and that we can capture on the keychain for you, dad, or grandparents.

Personalized wood keychains for parents, moms, teachers, lovers…

Choose the model you like and choose among all the phrases dedicated to themes: daddies, moms, friends, etc… and customize them: you will surely find the perfect gift, you can also consult us so that we can help you with the recorded message.

Discover our catalog of wooden keychains: unique keychain models made in our factory.

Most of the personalized keychains that you can find are made of anti-allergic materials. We use leather, cords, wooden beads, and other accessories and assemble them by hand so you can choose from many models of keychains, all handmade.

In each keychain, you have the option to write the text you want… You have many original phrases that you can choose from already made, or create your custom keychain on-screen with fonts, drawings, etc. We can make wooden keychains on request.

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