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Period Extensions & Designs: Home Renovations And Extensions In Melbourne

Homeowners are increasingly doing home renovations and extensions to create living spaces that fit their needs since the home is where most people spend their time. Here are some of the reasons why people renovate houses:

1. Inexpensive Compared To Moving Out

Over time, houses become worn out and old and if one can not afford to move to a new house, then renovating the rooms is a good idea. In addition, having your family move schools would not be a good idea if renovating is an option for you. 

2. Increases Home Resale Value

If one considers selling their home, they expect that it will fetch good returns. Renovating homes gives the sellers room for competition with the newly built houses in the area. 

Extending your drive away, upgrading your bathroom, extending the living room or even adding a dishwasher in the kitchen is likely to attract more buyers and higher returns.

3. Prevents Possible Problems

Home renovations are a great way to avoid problems such as leaking ceilings, electrical faults, cracks, leaking roofs or AC ventilation. Identifying signs of damage early enough allows homeowners to seek renovation services for them to live in efficient and safe homes. 

4. Improving Style

With the changing times, some people may have bought homes that were built in the early days. Some may have taps that only allow cold water flow, tiles may be of different colours and patterns which does not appeal to the homeowner or even if the home lacks a bathtub. Period Extensions & Designs have experienced architects who bring your dream to reality with renovations. 

5. Add Living Space 

If your family has grown or you expect an elderly senior to come to spend their days with loved ones instead of a nursing home, you do not need to worry about where they will stay. Period Extensions & Designs are experts in double-storey and ground-floor extensions all of which help add more space to your home and ensure your home has a competitive edge during resale.

6. Upgrade Home Functionality 

While most old homes were built with basic rooms only, families may decide to add rooms such as a man cave or an entertainment room. Fixing outdoor areas by adding balconies, patios, landscaping and backyard renovations is a great way to modernize homes. In some homes, there may still be kitchen stoves and old fireplaces which can be replaced with new appliances such as gas heaters. Your overall mood will improve after making home renovations and you will be relaxed knowing your home is functional and its former glory is restored. 

Final Word

Contact Period Extensions & Designs today for all your home renovations and extensions need as our team of qualified builders, architects and designers offer guidance on renovation processes and cost. You can trust us to deliver your renovations on time and to add value to your property while keeping you and your family safe. Transform your house into your dream home with Period Extensions & Designs.

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