Online Tools That Every Student Should Have

With the coming of online classes and the evolution of long-distance education infrastructure, students now are in need of advanced tools more than ever. They need tools using which they can create presentations, correct their assignment, and also a dedicated PDF to Word converter. Furthermore, they also require apps that they can use to learn something new for free alongside their main course. 


Being a student, sometimes you need to prepare assignments, design various presentations, create graphs or tables, and do graphic designing too. These all activities can be frustrating at some point. But when you have a Canva tool with you, these things become easy to handle. 

This is because Canva provides you with all the essential features that you require. It offers you different templates, background images, text styles, and different visual representations of data. Canva also includes photo editing and design features. 


This is another important tool that every student must have with them. Being a college student, you need to focus on several things. Along with your studies, you are required to acquire new skills. Coursera is the tool that offers you different courses from top universities and institutes. The only thing you need is a decent internet connection. 

Coursera delivers your registered course material with various videos, discussion forums, and lessons. After the completion of the course, it offers you paid internships, which can be valuable for your career. 


In the world of online learning, don’t be stuck with piles of paper. You can easily note down the important information in one place, i.e, Evernote. This tool provides you with a single place, where you can securely store your files, photos, reading materials, and even voice memos. You can easily write your important notes in PDF format, and then convert PDF to Word free anytime. 


This is one of the most essential tools that every student should have. Grammarly allows students to remove grammatical errors from their doc and also helps them correct the tone of the document. This tool can be easily used on any browser, all you need to do is install their extension. In addition to it, the tool can also be used in Microsoft Word to correct grammatical errors. And if you choose to opt for the premium version of the tool, you will also get to check the readability and engagement and improve that too with premium suggestions. 


This is one of the best plagiarism tools that are available on the internet. Although CopyScape is a premium tool it allows you to do a limited number of checks if you use its comparison tool where you can compare two documents and links or a mix of both. By using this feature you can check if there is any similarity between the two and ensure that your document is free of plagiarism.

So these were some of the famous tools that every student needs to keep with themselves if they want to excel in their class. These tools will help you keep your document free of grammatical mistakes, and plagiarism and also allow you to learn new things.

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