Nitin Pujari Ji motivated the devotees by this inspirational message on his Social Media handles.

Introduction Mr. Nitin Pujari

The very famous and well-known Shri Salasar Balaji Temple is one of the principal Hindu temples of Rajasthan. Shri Nitin Pujari is constantly engaged in the service of Balaji.

Nitin Pujari is the son of Shri Mittu Ji Pujari who is a descendant of Kaniram Ji.

Nitin Ji Pujari is very familiar and famous on social media. He is getting Balaji Maharaj’s Darshan, and Aarti is doing to lakhs of devotees through his social media page and channel.

He has a unique contribution in making the daily darshan and lives the aarti of Balaji Maharaj smoothly to all the devotees of Salasar Balaji through social media.

Nitin Pujari Ji is a well-known personality of Salasar, who is rich in effortless nature and versatility, who makes his significant contribution in various social works and religious works.

Nitin Pujari Indian spiritual leader devotes his entire services in the service of Balaji Maharaj at Salasar Balaji Temple.

They contribute to getting the devotees from the country and abroad to see Balaji Maharaj in the Salasar Balaji temple.

Mohandas ji’s samadhi is in the temple premises itself. Mohandas Ji took a living samadhi on Vaishakh Shukla Trayodashi by handing over the responsibility of the temple to sister Kanhibai’s son and his disciple Udayaram. There is also the bullock cart from which the idol of Hanumanji was brought from Asota. Situated in the tehsil of Shekhawati in Sujangarh, this temple is the center of faith of Hanuman devotees. Devotees come here from far and wide with their wishes. Here coconuts are tied for the fulfillment of wishes.

How Salasar Balaji was founded?

Ajay Pandit Pujari, the priest of Salasar Balaji Dham, says that the history of the establishment of Salasar Balaji is fascinating. It is connected to village Asota of Ladnun tehsil of Nagaur district. Legend has it that a farmer was plowing the field in Asota when the tip of his plow hit some hard object. The farmer took it out and saw it. It was a stone idol of Balaji. Then the farmer handed over the idol to Thakur of Asota. Balaji came in Thakur’s dream and said that he had appeared not for here but for Salasar. They should be taken to Salasar. On this, Thakur kept the idol in a bullock cart and sent the people of his court towards Salasar.

Nitin pujari’s speech on social media-

Every person dream of being successful in life, but why only a few can achieve it?

This is because everyone only thinks about being successful, but the few who achieve it, not just think but take action to reach their goals. “Just thinking and planning to get success is not enough, you need to train your mind and body to focus on your goals and work towards achieving them,” says Nitin Pujari.

If you want to be successful or want millions of moneys in your life, the first thing you need to focus on is personal growth and self-improvement. The most important thing is personal development if you want to grow in life, says Nitin Pujari. He further adds that the biggest mistake that we as humans make is building high expectations, and if we don’t meet our expectations, we lose hope and become depressed. But instead of giving up, one should never forget that you will get success and money only when you focus on your personal growth and self-improvement.

Talking about the importance of personal growth, Nitin Pujari says, “Personal growth develops in your inner world and success growth develops in your outer world.” Giving an example of the inner and outer world, he says, when you go on a vacation, your first plan, how you will, which places you will visit, the expense, etc. All this planning is done in your inner world. And when you go for the vacation and take action as planned, you execute your plans in the outer world.

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