Lace part wig and lace front wig are both popular choices these days, lace part wig and lace front wig look alike, many people get confused with these two types of wigs when they decide to buy. Now we will show you some about lace front wig and lace part wig, and you will know how to differentiate between lace front and lace part wig.

What Is a Lace Front Wig?

The best lace front wigs are wigs with a piece of lace placed at the starting position of the head. Lace sizes are 13×4 inches or 13×6 inches or other smaller sizes. On this piece, virgin human hair is sewn by hand in a lace hole. The other part of the wig is a thin and strong material, in which single human hair is sewn. For a blonde lace front wig, you need to attach the lace to your head, easy to wear.

What Is a Lace Part Wig?

The lace part wigs are made from sheer pieces of hand-tied lace and half of a machine-made wig cap. Attach the hand-tied lace closure and machine-made wig cap by sewing, then tearing the 100% virgin Remy hair into the lace hole by hand. And in a machine-made wig cap, virgin hair is sewn onto the wig cap. This whole technical process makes the lace part of the human hair wig. Or you could call it a t part wig, a compact front wig, or a 13×1 lace wig.

Lace Part Wig VS Lace Front Wig

When talking about the difference between a t part lace wig and an ombre lace front wig, we should first point out some commonalities.

The Similar Point Of Lace Front wigs human hair And Lace Part Wigs

  1. They are perfectly suited for African American women.
  2. Lace front wig and lace part wig are both made of 100% virgin human hair and import lace.
  3. They can give women a good shape, make their faces more delicate.
  4. Both laces have the same internal structure, and both use flexible mesh that is breathable and comfortable.
  5. There are three combs on either side of the wig and on the back, which can help ensure the position of the wig on your scalp.

The difference between lace front wig and lace part wig

  1. The lace area is different: lace part wigs have a small lace part that can only cover the hairline around the forehead, while ginger lace front wigs have a base plus lace cap , which can completely cover the whole title and part of your hair.
  2. Convenience is different: Because the 13 × 1 T-part wigs only have a little lace in the middle, it is easier to wear than the 613 lace front wigs. You just need to put it on your head, use adjustable straps to fix the position and secure it with combs. The last step is to cut the extra lace, without the need to use bleach or glue.
  3. The ability to withstand tearing is different: the ability of the human hair wig to endure the tear is more than the human hair wig due to the lace part. So you can think about this feature if you want to buy one of the two wigs.
  4. Parting is different: the lace part of the T-lace part has human hair wigs in the middle, so it could only do the middle part. But burgundy lace front wigs can give you more options, since the lace area is wider than HD lace wigs with T part, you can do free part, three part and middle part.
  5. Durability is different: Since honey blonde lace front wigs will stick closer to the head, the durability is better than other T-part front wigs. The user can even go swimming or attend other strenuous exercises, without the need to worry about wigs falling off and damaging them.
  6. Variability of hairstyles is different: you can style different hairstyles with 13 × 6 lace front wigs, you can even style your hair in a high ponytail back. Do all the hairstyles that you like. But you can only style the middle part or the side part using lace part wigs.
  7. Cost varies: Deepwaveless front wig usually costs more than 613 T part wig due to lack of area.

Lace Part Wigs VS Lace Front Wigs, Which Is Better

After explaining the above topics, some people may ask: How to choose, T-part wig vs. lace front wig? Which lace front wig and lace part wig is better? Different people have different opinions about this.

In fact, there is no clear and definitive conclusion on the subject as to which is the best lace front wig or t part wig, because different people have different opinions about it. You may like it, but other people like it.

  • If you want to comb different hairstyles, if you feel comfortable with the same hairstyle, but do not care to spend money, then a body wave lace front wig will be your good choice.
  • If you are wearing a new wig, and are afraid of complicated installation, then we think that lace part human hair wig will be suitable for you.
  • If you want to have a wig with better breathability and durability, and you want to wear it to do all your routine exercises, then you should buy a black lace front wig.
  • If you have some concerns about the price, but still want to get a high quality wig, we recommend that you buy a HD T part wig. Lace wigs are softer than other wigs that do not have laces. So, even if the blonde t part wigs are good in the wig.

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