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Natural stone is the most intriguing design idea of the 2022

The fashion for natural stone bathtubs and sinks continues on. Being demanded in even the most remote islands in the world, these products are virtually booming these days. Made of genuine stone, they are on the the most intriguing design ideas of the 2022.

We have no doubts that people who own our sinks are generally happier people. Those happy customers invite nature to their interiors and they don’t look back, really. We know it directly from them. All the debris might appear insignificant, however, if you multiply it by millions of remodels every year it may add up to a terrifying number.

By the way, have you ever considered the consequences of bathroom remodeling on the environment? Apart from personal preferences, it is also known that natural stone sinks are more eco-friendly than common ceramic sinks. Nature will be happy to accept the natural stone back, but it will not be happy to receive a ceramic sink that is impossible and impractical to recycle.

We are the leading manufacturer of natural stone sinks and bathtubs in Indonesia. We have all of the essential experience to enrich design projects with distinctive rock and marble bathtubs and washbasins, having been on the worldwide market for over 15 years. Stone tubs and sinks from Lux4home™ are practically delivered to every continent on the planet, with the exception of Antarctica.

Lux4home™ headquarters are in Europe, however the manufacturing is done in Java, Indonesia. Our own architects created several of our collections. Every traditional natural stone sink and bathtub style is also available. Our manufacturing staff is prepared to create any bespoke product you desire.

We have been in market since 2008, gathering priceless experience which allowed us to build what we are today. Our customers are guaranteed to receive products which comply in hundred perecent with their personal vision. The team of Lux4home consist of passionate people ready to assist at all times and contribute with their ideas to make this experience unparalleled and to provide a state-of-art stone basins and bathtubs that last for years.

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There is no other Indonesian supplier of natural stone product that can offer such a level of quality and service. That is the reason why hundreds of designers and architects have trusted us and allowed us to fulfill their projects. You can check our vast portfolio and find out that we are really delivering the products across the worlds. We invite you to cooperate with Lux4home™ – the reliable supplier of natural stone basins and bathtubs.

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