Must-have Equipment for Your Home Gym

Working out at home with your own gym equipment has many benefits. You do not need to travel to and from the gym, you can play your own music, and you won’t have to pack a gym bag. The home space is a pressure-free zone as people at the gym can make you feel intimidated especially if you are new to the gym or fitness.  Additionally, at home you make your own rules.

You can do a lot with a few cost-effective gym equipment at home. In fact, there are plenty of exercises through which you can get in strength and cardio work just by using your own body weight as resistance.

Necessary equipment for home gym

Exercise mat or Yoga mat:

It is a basic yoga or exercise mat that will make your floor exercises more comfortable like if you are doing a plank or push-up. Choose a thick mat for better cushioning especially if you are exercising on a hard floor.  This is portable as well so you can also take it outdoors in your garden or a beach.

Resistance bands:

These bands are inexpensive, lightweight, and very flexible to store. Resistance bands can especially help you with your lower-body workouts. You can try some side squats, clamshells, or glute bridges with this band placed and stretched under the knees or around the ankles. The tighter the resistance band, the more challenging it will be to work with.


These are great for your muscles. You can try traditional exercises like Turkish get-ups or kettlebell swings. You can also try a goblet squat holding a kettlebell or a walking lunge by passing the kettlebell from under the front leg.

Medium-weight dumbbells:

You can always use them for doing isolated exercises for strength such as bicep curls or you can hold them while doing lunges. Eight to ten-pound weighing dumbbells are good for starting.

Heavy-weight dumbbells:

This will add some extra challenge to your exercises. You can gradually start to use or progress to heavyweights from medium weights for working out on the bigger muscles such as dumbbell deadlifts or squats. You can start with the fifteen-pound weighing ones.

Jumping rope:

Want to try equipment-free cardio exercise at home? A jump rope is a great way to sweat it out as this will work for your arms, core, shoulder, and legs. Start with a ten-minute workout and gradually increase it with time.

Gliders or gliding discs:

These are way more challenging than they appear to be. You can place them underneath your hands or feet while doing planks or reverse lunges. You need to try to make your core stable over the glider by using your muscles. They can be used on hardwood or carpets easily.


You can even try to buy treadmills in Bangalore or even own a cross-trainer on rent if you want to burn calories at home. Now that you have learned about the basic gym equipment for home, what are you waiting for? Rent or purchase them and experience next level workout sessions at home.

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