Most Popular Sports 2022

Sports is one of the most entertaining recreational activities in the world. This is attributable to its ability to bring people together at different levels. Not only does it keep players perfectly engaged, but it also attracts a tremendous following like an online casino from fans and showbiz entrepreneurs.

Top sports personalities from different backgrounds have inspired many people throughout history. For instance, the talents and charisma of players like Christiano Ronaldo and LeBron James have turned them into the most revered sports icons in soccer and basketball. 

While players and fans focus on the games and competition, sports showbiz personalities such as betting companies focus on making money. Here are the highlights of the most popular sports in 2022.


Tennis is a highly competitive racket-and-ball game played between single or duo opponents. Interestingly, tennis courts are either indoor or outdoor. It is the most popular racquetball sport besides squash and badminton. 

When discussing tennis, the top sports personalities that come to mind are Venus and Serena Williams. The Williams sisters have been iconic in the professional tennis world long enough, almost to become synonymous to the game. 

Major tennis competitions attract more than 400 million fans worldwide, placing it in the fifth spot of the most popular sports in 2022.


Another quite popular sport is hockey, played between two teams who maneuver a ball using hockey sticks and aim to score it past the goaltender. While many games come in one form, hockey comes in a variety. 

Field and ice hockey vary slightly and attract varied fanbases across the world. For instance, field hockey is widespread across Europe and Asia, while ice hockey is played mainly in the Americas, especially the United States and Canada. 

Both forms are played in the Olympics and attract a global fandom of over 2 billion, making it the fourth most popular sport in 2022.


Basketball players compete in shooting a ball through the scoring hoop on the backboard. The two teams of five players keep their fans highly intrigued as they battle to earn points against each other in the basketball court. 

As such, basketball can definitely not miss a spot among the topmost popular sports this year. Being both an indoor and outdoor sport, it is relevant throughout the year. It is also one of the sports with the highest presence on social media. 

With regards to the salary of athletes, basketball has some of the highest paid sports personalities, including Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Therefore, not only is the sport interesting enough to sustain the fans’ intrigue, but it is also a highly lucrative sport.


Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. Each of its two teams comprises 11 players who compete by batting and scoring runs within a rectangular pitch of 22 yards in length. 

Its popularity in highly populated Asian countries like India and other parts of the world, including Australia and Pakistan, gives it a huge audience. Cricket’s major events command tremendous viewership on TV and the internet across many countries from over 2.2 billion fans.


Finally, no one can deny the ubiquity of soccer. It is played in over 200 countries by hundreds of millions of players, and it attracts more than 3.5 billion fans worldwide. This is by far the most popular sport in 2022. 

Soccer keeps asserting its popularity by being the global leader in terms of TV viewership, social media presence, TV rights deals, sponsorship deals, and its prominence in making news in the sports world. For instance, footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar are the top paid sports personalities. 

The two are highly charismatic, command a significant following on social media, and continue to inspire many young people across the globe. They are a reflection of how much people love soccer.


While there is an extensive list of games played across the globe, these are the ones that made to the top five most popular ones this year. But however much the competition is, the consistency of soccer on top of the list of the most popular sports will most likely remain unchallenged for quite a long time.

If you are planning to become a fan of one of these games, you can choose and learn more about it!

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