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Luxe lighting fixtures to brighten up your apartment

People living in apartments are very well aware of the challenges that they face while planning a lighting layout for their homes. Many factors like the space constraint, minimal floor space and low ceiling height have to be considered while choosing the right lighting fixtures for such living spaces. Your place has to be well-lit but you have to make sure that the lighting isn’t too loud for the available space.

With a lot of intricacies involved, it is essential to put a lot of thought into choosing the right lighting designs for your apartment. It can get a bit tricky but don’t worry, as we have you covered. We bring to you the most elegant and charming lighting fixtures that can completely transform your humble abode. Each and every of these lighting designs have been finely designed and crafted with finesse by the in-house designers at The White Teak Company. Now, take a look at the list specially curated by our designers and see which lighting design manages to impress you the most…

Creating an overhead highlight in the space

An overhead lighting fixture can not only add to the functionality of the room but also add depth to the room. When these lighting fixtures bring together perfect illumination and drama, you know you’re in for a treat. A chandelier can be quite the addition to your room and can set the tone of your place too. Our foremost recommendation would be the Glow and Hustle chandelier as this beauty can completely change the face of your space very seamlessly.

If you think you don’t have enough space to accommodate a chandelier then go for a ceiling light by all means. While The White Teak Company has numerous ceiling light collections, the dimmable ceiling light collection somehow seems to outshine the rest and can prove to be quite practical for compact spaces too. Our recommendation for this category would be this stunning and suave piece called Song to Sing. With an unmissable presence and efficiency, this ceiling light is a treat to the eyes.

Adding warmth to the space

No matter how compact the apartment is, it has to look inviting and extend a warm welcome every time you enter it. And this can only be achieved with lighting fixtures that emit soft light. Table lamps are the lighting fixtures that fit this role pretty well. They not only add to the ambient lighting of the space but also accentuate the look of your indoors. The recommendation that makes it to the top here is Love Potion. This charming and grand table lamp comes with a design that’s easy to the eyes but it can lend a strong aura to your space as you’d never expect.

Finishing up with the task lighting

Despite making it last to the list, task lighting fixtures are the most important when it comes to etching out a plan for your lighting layout. Now, there can be a number of fixtures that fulfil this category but pendant lights are probably the best option you could go for. Our best pick for this category is going to be the one and only Addicted. Addicted is one of our best selling pendant lights that is practical, versatile and absolutely ravishing.

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