Learn to Earn Real Money By Playing Ludo Supreme Gold

If you’re looking for a way to make some real money playing a game, look no further than ludo supreme gold. This online game offers players the chance to earn real money by playing, and there are plenty of ways to do this. You can win cash, and prizes, by winning games or ranking high in leaderboard rankings in the popular gaming platform, GetMega. If you’re new to the game, there are plenty of tutorials available in the GetMega app and website to help you get started. You can even indulge in a video conference session while playing the game with your friends and relatives. 

Navigate through the ways ludo can be played in GetMega and know the tricks to have positive outcomes online. 

Ludo Gold Supreme on GetMega

Ludo Gold Supreme is a new, revolutionary game that is made to be more fun and exciting than ever before. 

  • It game is based on a centuries-old European strategy game called Ludo., but with an added twist that makes the game even more challenging. 
  • Players can use strategies and tactics to try and win the game, but it is always a gamble as there are many ways to lose. 
  • This traditional board game can be played by up to 6 players. The objective of the game is to get all of your pieces to the centre of the board while avoiding being blocked by your opponents. 
  • The game is fast-paced, with a high score list that allows players to compare their achievements against others.

The legality of Ludo Gold Supreme

Playing Ludo Gold Supreme is legal according to the majority of authorities. 

  • The game falls under the category of amusement, which means it does not violate any gambling laws. 
  • In fact, many ludo experts believe that playing the game can improve one’s strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. 
  • Furthermore, there is no chance of winning large sums of money like in poker or roulette, so playing Ludo Gold Supreme is considered relatively safe.

How to start off a game of Ludo Supreme Gold

If you’re looking to play some classic, old-school board games like ludo, but don’t have the time or space to get out and play them in person, there’s no need to miss out – you can easily play them online on the ludo supreme gold app. 

  • Simply download the app on your mobile, and then register yourself and start playing!
  • For registering you have to provide your phone number where you will receive an OTP. provide this OTP on the platform and then you can use the app to start playing. 
  • But before you start off with a live game, you need to deposit some amount of money.
  • You will have several tournament options to choose from to start a game. 
  • This app is easy to use and allows you to chat with other players while you’re playing. 
  • It also has a great user interface that makes it easy to track your progress and keep track of your wins and losses.

Steps of playing Ludo Supreme Gold

Ludo Supreme Gold has gained popularity due to its simplicity and strategic elements. Below are the steps necessary to play the game: 

  • Decide on your playing partners. Ludo supreme can be played with 2-6 players, but 4 players are generally recommended for optimal gameplay. 
  • Each player sets up their 4 pieces on their player board and then takes their turn, moving one of their pieces according to the instructions to be discussed in the further points. 
  • Firstly, unlike most ludo games, you do not have to draw a 6.
  • However, rolling a 6 will fetch you an extra turn.
  • Several points on the board are considered safe spots. Here, if your piece lands, the opponents can’t rule you out of the game. 
  • Rolling 6 thrice consecutively makes you lose your turn. 
  • If you hit your opponent in an unsafe spot then the opponent’s piece is sent back to the initial point. Further, they lose the points scored for that particular piece.  This is applicable to all the players including you. 
  • The gaming platform gives you 10 seconds to play when your turn comes. When the 10 seconds are up you lose your chance of playing. 
  • If you end up skipping your playing turn twice consecutively then you exit the game and lose.  
  • The player whose piece as a whole enter the home first wins the game. 
  • If the game does not end in the allotted time then the participant who has the highest points wins. 

Tricks to apply while playing Ludo Supreme Gold

Playing ludo can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite frustrating if you don’t know how to play the game properly. Here are some tips on how to win more often: 

  • Learn the basics of the game. If you know which squares are safe and which moves help reach you there, you’ll be able to make better decisions about where to put your pieces. 
  • Pay attention to what your opponents are doing. If you can predict their next move, you’ll be able to take advantage of it sooner rather than later. 
  • Try different strategies. There’s no one way to win at ludo – you just have to experiment and find what works best for you. 
  • Have patience! It may take a little longer for you to win, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.

Thus, if you’re looking for a fun, easy and passive way to make some real money playing the popular game Ludo Supreme Gold, then learning how to play could be the perfect solution for you. There are plenty of free resources including the GetMega app available online that can teach you everything from the basics of the game to more advanced strategies. GetMega has all legal approvals for playing online gambling games. Hence, putting your hard-earned money here would be a safe bait. And the platform also has numerous gaming tournaments all around the year. So if you’re serious about earning some cash from playing this popular board game, start learning today!

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