Latest Luxury mobile phones and their features

Many companies are fighting each other to sell their mobile devices, among which Apple, Samsung, and Huawei stand out. However, some time ago, there were also other companies, less known, which then went bankrupt for various reasons. Vertu was one of these, and it seems to be about to make a solid return for the smartphone market.

Vertu and its new smartphones

Vertu was a British company specializing in the manufacture and sale of telephones and other digital items. What distinguishes it from other multinationals is the keen interest in mobile phone design, which leads to significantly higher prices. In July 2017, the company was forced to withdraw from the market due to a strongly negative balance lay off as many as 200 people.

Vertu mobile price is good and the smart luxury phone is launching the Android smartphone Aster P, which can be purchased at an affordable price according to its version.

What is best about the latest mobiles phone?

The shell is in titanium, indestructible, and in the back, you can choose to cover it with crocodile skin or even gold. It is a dual sim, with a 4.9 ′ display with Full HD resolution and an internal Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor with 6 Gb of RAM and 128 Gb of internal memory, which, however, ensure excellent performance even in multitasking. With these types of phones, you can easily sign up for cheap sim only deals and be available at all times.

Designers probably thought of the Maserati’s reinforced cockpit when they drew the emphasized curves of their latest addition. Falls, twists, bumps on the display, nothing scratches it. The compactness and weight of the new Vertu make one think of an absolute safe made of titanium; moreover: It is precisely for titanium.

By emphasizing the rounded but clean shapes, vertu mobile has placed the accent on the dynamism of racing cars. It is also a technically complete object. It is, in fact, a 3G mobile phone with an ultra-resistant sapphire crystal display, a 3-megapixel camera, and an integrated 3D sound amplifier. Everything recalls the concept of strength, endurance, and high performance. When you take it in your hand, you have the impression of tightening the gearbox of a powerful car. A side key allows direct access to the Concierge service, active 24 hours a day for information on restaurants, clubs, and hotels. The leather trim on the back completes the picture. You can choose between the three versions in red, black and brown but new colors will also arrive soon. The new Vertu will be on sale from October and watch shops, often located in the luxury districts of cities.

These mobile phones come with a solid gold body, studded with natural diamonds, made with rare and exclusive materials, signed by the most famous names in the panorama of design and fashion creations. In short, a whole range of models makes the most expensive of the iPhones seem like an all too ordinary and very uninteresting phone.

However, as often happens, luxury is flanked by the market for copies, which are aesthetically almost faithful to the originals but made by mobile companies. These are only clones, different in construction care, materials, and technical equipment.

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