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Buying an office space for sale Kolkata is a great investment for any business owner or start-up right now! By getting even a small office space for sale in Kolkata, the return-on-investment is expected to be substantial. Otherwise, have a working location that allows the business to be rent-free. Here are some popular locations that can either drive-in extra foot traffic to increase sales or be a sound return on investment.

Start-up Offices

Sector V, Newtown, Rajarhat, and Salt Lake are currently promoted as small office space for sale in Kolkata meant to properly suit a small working team with well-connected features and utilities. A professional environment meets executive independence and sovereignty even on a small budget when choosing one of these locations. For example, Sector V office space for sale Kolkata is being listed at approximately 5,100 INR per square foot. In Newtown, expect to pay 5,000-7,000 IRN/sq. foot. Similarly, Rajarhat and Salt Lake office spaces have a selling price per square foot of around 5,000-8,000 IRN. Also consider bare-shell offices that could be an affordable option with some maintenance and upkeep.

Fully Furnished Options

Since Kolkata is experiencing a heightened demand to provide office spaces, custom-made or personal office spaces to meet team sizes as many as 50 people can be quickly created that also includes free photocopying and printing and high-speed internet. Fully furnished office spaces are usually in a building that may have a cafeteria and meeting rooms to use as needed or to schedule and rent out. Choosing a fully furnished office space may also allow any businessowner to have access to the building’s daycare and fitness rooms. Nonetheless, a receptionist and security guard typically accompany the ground floor to direct guests and promote safety.

Ideal Unique Centre

For those wanting great connectivity for this office location should consider the Ideal Unique Centre off the EM Bypass. No beams and columns are within office spaces that provides any businessowner a professional spacious ambiance plus design flexibilities. Within the 28 floors high-rise is a food court and back-up generator to keep business afloat and as usual. The close proximity to high-end arenas, hospitality centers, hotels, malls, and restaurants that neighbors Ballygunge, Howrah, Rajarhat, and Tollygunge makes this location an international hotspot for business. Available floor plans are offered in 7,000, 14,000, and 28,000 square feet increments, and currently, none are for sale at this time, as office spaces here sell-out quickly!

Other Locations

  • A large Minto Park office space for sale Kolkata with 3,000 square feet is selling for 22,800 INR per sq. ft.
  • Jodhpur Park with 1,500 square feet of office space goes for around 6,300 INR/ sq. ft.
  • Muchipara has a small office space for sale Kolkata that is 120 square feet for 4,166 INR per sq. ft.
  • Salt Lake where 650 sq. ft. for a small office space can be purchased for 49,000 INR, or get one that has 3,000 sq. ft. at 2.75 Crores/sq. ft.
  • Tagore Park that has a bare-shell office of 764 sq. ft. on the market for 10,471 INR/sq. ft.

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