Know in Detail Symptoms and Treatment of Dhat Syndrome

To begin, dhat syndrome is a disease that leads to the loss of excessive semen from men without sexual activities. Generally, most diseases can affect worldwide, but dhat syndrome is a disease that occurs mostly in some countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Not only men but also this disease affects women in these countries. In this disease, the semen of men discharge while urinating. Excessive alcohol consumption and imbalance of emotion are the leading cause of Dhat syndrome.

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However, it is a hormonal imbalance which causes due to excessive sperm production. During adolescence age, dhat syndrome occurs. The hormonal imbalance leads to excessive sperms at this age, which increases semen production. In this case, the excessive semen discharge through ejaculations. There are some different types of dhat syndrome that can find in men. In some instances, hypochondriacal oriented symptoms tend to loss of semen.

Moreover, depression is the core factor of Dhat syndrome. But in some cases, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other psychosexual dysfunction conditions lead to Dhat rog. The other psychosexual dysfunction like depressive neurosis, somatoform/ hypochondriasis, or anxiety neurosis plays a vital role in Dhat syndrome. Due to dhat rog, penetrative sex does not happen. And you cannot enjoy your sexual intercourse and cannot satisfy your partner.

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Let’s know the symptoms and treatment of dhat syndrome.

Dhat symptoms and difficulties faced by men

Dhat syndrome is a very common disease that can find in many people. But most people feel shame to talk about this disease. There are many dhat syndrome symptoms such as poor concentration, loss of appetite, and back pain. You can also feel tired, depressed and have insufficient memory power due to Dhat rog.

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Additionally, you experience sweating during sleeping or nighttime. Your skin turns moist and warm due to Dhat syndrome. In some cases, a person may experience sweating around the testicles for dhat syndrome. A person also feels pain around the perineum or testicles.

Besides all these, a man faces many difficulties due to Dhat rog. If a person has this disease, he is unable to provide satisfaction to his partner, Because due to this disease the sexual intercourse happens for a very short period. Some of the people got depression due to this disease.

As we all know that dhat syndrome in males is very common. But there are many reasons available for this disease. Mostly dhat syndrome causes stress, excessive alcohol consumption, and hormonal imbalance. Some other causes of Dhat rog include tight foreskin, kidney disease, side effects of medicines, and weak nervous system.

However, most men affected by this disease due to lack of sleep, excessive smoking, and exhaustion. A thought or a vision that creates a sexual stimulus is one of the leading causes for dhat syndrome. In some cases, excessive sexual intercourse can also lead to Dhat rog. Some other causes of Dhat syndromes are eating a high protein diet, testosterone-based medication, piles, anal fissure, abstinence, and congestion of the prostate glands.

All the above reasons can cause Dhat syndromes for which you cannot satisfy your partner in the bed. You can also suffer from wet dreams due to Dhat rog.

dhat syndrome treatment

Various treatments of Dhat rog and available online options on Ohman

Although, many men are suffering from dhat rog disease, which decreases their sexual happiness. Therefore medical science develops many medication formulas to overcome this disease. Many home remedies also help men to prevent Dhat diseases. Moreover, the allopathic Dhat ki dawa was also developed by companies, but Ohman provides the effective one. The natural Dhat syndrome treatment is also very effective.

However, Ohman provides particular medicine, which is very effective for Dhat syndromes. The complete package medicine of Dhat rog from Ohman helps to Dhat in urine, Dhat in defection, weakness, tiredness, and nightfall. The regular use of this medicine leads to a decrease in the Dhat, enhances your mood, and improves your energy.

Besides this, you can also provide satisfaction to your partner during sexual intercourse. The dhat syndrome medicine by Ohman is available online, and the Dhat treatment pack costs only Rs.1530. after the purchase of this pack, you will get a call from Ohman. And there will be an appointment scheduled by Ohman with a doctor.

All the Ohman products are beneficial because contain beneficial ingredients and undergo quality-check before we deliver it to you. After some use of this medicine, you will feel better, and your hormonal imbalance will decrease. As a result, you get relief from wet dreams, imperfect sexual intercourse, and depression.

Along with the Ohman medicine pack, you can adapt yoga to reduce Dhat syndromes. Yogas like Goumukhasan, Bhujangasan, Utthanapadasan, and Sarvangasan can help you from dhat rog. Also, you can manage your lifestyle to get rid of the disease. You can also adopt limited alcohol consumption, try to sleep well, and avoid excessive sexual intercourse.

Bottom line

In the end, dhat syndrome makes your life unhappy and stressful. To avoid this, you can use the Ohman medicine for Dhat, which helps you to reduce excessive semen loss. As a result, you get a better sex life and stress-free life.

Buy Ohman products for better results.

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