JustForex Review – Why Should you go with JustForex?

One of the best forex brokers which offers CFD trading on the Metatrader 4 platform. JustForex is a broker that has been on the market for several years and which tries to differentiate itself from the competition by making its services available to private and professional traders alike. Anyone interested in forex trading can open an account and start using the broker’s services. Despite the fact that JustForex is available, it remains a low profile company while some of its competitors enjoy more attention on the part of traders

Everyone knows that Forex is the biggest financial market in the world. It has an average daily techktimes turnover of $1,8 trillion. And it is not surprising, as today over 80% of all large financial institutions use the help of Forex transactions for their work.

There’s a lot of noise in the forex market and there are so many forex companies out there to choose from. However, we’ve done the research and we will be telling you about one reliable and established forex broker called JustForex and marketbusinesstimes we’ll introduce you to how they operate and what they provide their traders with. While this post will be focusing on providing you with a quick overview of the company, we will also share our honest opinion regarding it.

When you want to find a reputable, reliable provider to do your forex trade online, you may be confused. This is because the industry is filled with thousands of companies. One company you can trust is JustForex a brokerage site that provides several investment products and opportunities for traders from all over the world.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner in forex trading, JustForex review is the right broker for you. Our platform is simple and intuitive, offering a wide variety of tools and education methods. We offer competitive spreads and high liquidity of positions. You can choose any account type (micro, mini or standard), any spread type, and set your own leverage according to your needs.

Is It Scam or Safe

JustForex has a solid safety record, and that’s why it’s a prime broker. With a secure platform in place, JustForex ensures that all customer funds are protected. The company further ensures that client assets are not used to cover operational expenses.

JustForex’s regulation is a clear indication that it is a legitimate broker. It also means that the company is required to adhere to strict rules and regulations which can help traders ensure their safety and financial stability while trading with JustForex.

JustForex is one of the most well-known brokers in the industry. It has gained its reputation through providing investors with great services, including educational resources and forex analysis. JustForex also maintains an impressive regulatory history, which can be accessed on its website.


 The leverage factor is set by the broker and it depends on the instrument you trade. Some brokers offer a maximum leverage of up to 1:500 for some instruments, while others do not specify the leveraged products at all. Most of them offer 1:100 or 1:200 leverage for currencies. The leverage may also differ depending on how much you deposit in your account. For example, some brokers offer 1:500 leverage if you deposit $10,000, while others may require a deposit of. With leverage of 500:1, a profit of 10 USD with a 1,000 USD deposit will result in a profit of 5,000 USD. On the other hand, a loss of 10 USD with a 1,000 USD deposit will result in a loss of 500 USD.

The leverage offered by JustForex is 1:3000. The leverage is always recalculated when the trade volume changes. JustForex is one of the Top Forex Brokers in 2021.

Accounts available

A JustForex demo account is a Forex trading account intended for training purposes, which allows you to experiment with the trading platform that JustForex provides. A demo account is exclusively designed for practising trading strategies that you intend to apply once you have opened your live account.

Standard account. This is the most typical forex account that you will find at JustForex. It is the only account that allows you to withdraw or deposit funds whenever you want, but it has also the highest minimum deposit level.

Standard Cent Account is the most suitable for inexperienced traders or small-scale traders. This account operates with standard currency pairs based on cents, which is very convenient for trading since it allows small-scale traders to trade with little risk.

The JustForex Raw Spread Account offers a daily rate of return. You can open an account with any number of lots from 1 to 50. This account offers both a high spread and a high leverage

A Pro account is a special type of trading account that allows traders to trade any financial instrument and any trading style they want.

JustForex is launching a new Islamic Account for its clients. The company has developed this product in accordance with the Islamic sharia law that prohibits swaps. Unlike other leading brokers, JustForex has developed an Islamic Account that allows customers to trade without any swap-based interest rate risk. Since swaps are not allowed under the sharia law, there is no default risk on open positions with no expiry dates. The Islamic Account will be available to all traders who are interested in this type of account. If You Need More Information Visit tutflix

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