Invisalign estimated prices in Australia

A lot of people are looking for the best way to straighten their teeth without breaking the bank. One option is Invisalign, which can be a great choice if you want something more affordable than traditional braces. The good news is that prices vary from country to country so it may be worth doing some research before committing to anything! Read on for more information about how much Invisalign costs in Australia and what it includes. 

The average expected cost of treatment with Invisalign in Australia ranges between $2,000 and $3,500 AUD (or approximately $1,600-$2,700 USD). This price will cover everything you need including dental impressions or scans of your teeth; an initial consultation; X-rays; lab fees; and of course the aligners themselves. Each set of aligners typically last around two weeks, which means you’ll need an average of about 20 sets in total if you follow your recommended treatment plan.

What factors determine the cost of Invisalign in Australia?

If you have any conditions that are associated with orthodontic treatment, your dentist may recommend additional fees. This means prices can vary depending on what you need to get done. For example, if you want teeth whitening before or after Invisalign treatment or require tooth extractions so there’s room for the aligners, these costs will be on top of the standard price.

Here are a few more factors that influence the cost of Invisalign in Australia:

1. Your dentist’s fees

Most clinics will charge an admin fee to cover things like analysing your dental records or arranging the appointment. Again, this is different for each clinic so call around and ask questions before booking in. The average cost of this fee typically falls between $50-$150 AUD (about $23-$61 USD). 

2. Your treatment plan

The typical Invisalign course in Australia is around 12 months but this can be adjusted depending on your needs. If you have any gaps between teeth, for instance, it may take longer to straighten them out and they may need to be removed first. You will also need more sets of aligners if you want an average of 20 a year compared with the standard 14-18. This means extended treatment times will impact your cost which is why most clinics will outline a recommended treatment plan before starting anything.

3. Additional options

If you want additional services such as whitening or tooth extraction, these costs are typically added on top of the typical Invisalign price in Australia For example, expect to pay an average of $150 for a single top or bottom teeth whitening session.

4. Where you live

If you’re based in an area that is well serviced by Invisalign clinics then prices should be competitive and won’t fluctuate too much. But if you live in a regional location, local fees may drive up the cost due to lower competition levels. This means traveling further could balance out these extra costs but it’s worth doing your research before committing to anything.


At the end of your journey with Invisalign, you’ll be wearing a beautiful smile. The difficulty is getting started on the right foot and making sure you’re prepared for each step along the way. Knowing what to expect before it happens can help alleviate some stress about any unexpected costs that may come up during treatment or how long this process will take. And like all dental treatments, there are ways you can reduce your Invisalign cost; contact us today to learn more.

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