Interesting Outbound Team Building Activities Your Employees Will Love

Outbound team-building activities play a very vital role in the development of every organization. These activities let the employees feel how important they are to any organization that is putting all the effort into their growth and development. This trust encourages the employees to perform better for their company and the person remains loyal throughout they remain an employee of that organization.

Usually, these activities are organized at the holiday resorts so that the employees feel comfortable and free from office pressure. Many of the employees participate in these activities as they get to visit the holiday resort and have some fun time along with other employees. But some are introverts and feel less comfortable speaking with any other employee. These team-building activities help in breaking the ice for such employees.

Let us check out the list of some real fun team-building activities for your employees.

1. Fun Puzzle (Hunt of Missing Pieces)

During childhood, solving a jigsaw puzzle was a prized possession for every child. The same is to be done with the employees with some interesting twists. The employees are divided into various teams with equal members. Each team has to solve the puzzle in the given time but the twist is some part of the puzzle is hidden in other team members’ puzzle sets. You have to convince the other team to give your missing pieces before time. The activity enhances your problem-solving skills, encourages interaction between all the team members, brings out the best negotiator among you, and much more.

2. Karaoke Games

It is a fun activity for singing lovers but makes it compulsory for everyone to participate in this. Singing all together the same favorite song is the most loved activity by all the employees. You can divide the coworkers into two teams. Each team will come forward and start singing altogether. This fun activity will make the people open with each other and help in overcome their hesitations.

3. Counting Numbers 1 to 20

Another interesting indoor team-building game that is full of fun and enjoyment. Divide employees into equal groups of around 5 to 10 members or if you have a small number of people, you do not have to make teams. If there are teams ask all the team members to stand in a circle and start counting from 1 to 20. One person who leaps starts from one and other team members follow further. The challenge is the numbers will be counted randomly and if two people said the same number together the team has to start again from 1. The idea behind this team-building activity is to encourage team bonding, active listening, and collaboration between the members.

4. Follow A Secret Leader

This is the activity that will require the effort of a complete team. The idea behind this game is to enhance employees’ non-verbal communication skills, build trust among each other, and learn how to follow a leader. The game will have one leader and one guesser. The guesser is asked to go outside for a brief meanwhile the team elects a leader whose actions are followed by the whole team. The guesser has to identify the leader by checking the actions.  Visit Empower Camp.

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