Instagram Marketing Tips and tricks That Can Work for You

Undoubtedly, Instagram is a well-known social media platform these days. It has a huge user base, and almost every individual has at least heard of it if they have never used it. The best thing about Instagram is that it serves the dual purpose of entertainment and business at the same time.

Yes, you got it right. Advertisers can use it as one of the most excellent platforms for showing off their products and services to a significantly wide audience.

That being said, Instagram marketing can work wonders for businesses considering that over 1 billion users are on Instagram every month, and then there are 500 million active users on the platform daily.

If you are still not convinced, know that approximately 75.3% of businesses use Instagram for marketing their products and services. Over 100 million videos and images are uploaded on the platform every day, generating more than 4.2 billion likes.

These numbers alone are enough to highlight the significance and the benefit that Instagram offers when it comes to creating brand awareness.

Now, let’s have a look at a few tips and tricks that can help with Instagram marketing:

Come Up With a Killer Profile on Instagram

Looking to get followers on Instagram? Not a problem. You can do so simply by creating one of the most stunning and killer Instagram business profiles. Using Instagram as an effective marketing tool means making a great presence on the platform. And this goes special for the smaller businesses.

Your target audience should get a clear idea of your business and its offerings so they move on to become loyal followers of your brand. The perfect Instagram bio is one that includes all the essential points about your business.

Do not forget to use the action verbs and target keywords so people can find you easily. Your bio should also include the link to your landing page. This helps in increasing conversions and even in promoting your eCommerce business.

Try to make it very easy for your new followers to get hold of your location and contact information. Your address, contact number, or email should be an integral part of your bio. And yes, do not forget the profile picture. It really matters a lot because it is the first thing that the new visitors will see even before going through your bio or checking all your posts.

Run an Instagram contest or giveaway

It’s important to take a step back before launching an Instagram contest or sweepstakes to consider how this campaign will fit into your entire marketing plan. Consider the sorts of rewards that your target audience would be interested in winning. Great awards will always attract more participants.

The simplest way to keep track of your contest submissions is to use a unique hashtag for each one. You may then go through the many entries to choose which one is the winner. If you decide that you want to download Instagram content in order to put it on your official Instagram account, there are several tools available to help you do it.

DownloadGram is one of the best Instagram downloaders available on the market, capable of downloading videos, photos, Reels, IGTV, and profile pictures in hd resolution and at a blisteringly fast download speed. Download Gram is available for both Desktop and Mobile devices. The simplicity with which you can download Instagram videos is the strongest feature of DownloadGram, which offers a straightforward and user-friendly design.

Consider Instagram Insights as a Very Serious Tool

It’s quite evident from the name itself that Instagram Insights offers useful details about the performance of your account. It enables you to view different statistics about your Instagram account along with crucial stats like engagement and impressions data.

Using Instagram Insights in the right way will help you get detailed demographics of followers. This will further help you in determining whether you have promoted your account to the correct people or not.

You also get data on the performance of your posts, showing you any engagement and impressions. The tool also highlights the top-performing posts that can give you an idea of replicating their success.

Apart from Instagram Insights, other useful analytics tools can use to meet your requirements.

Get a Wider Reach with Instagram Advertisements

Paid advertisements on the platform will get you more leads, conversions, followers, and likes. You can set up Instagram ads through Facebook Ads Manager. It offers a wide assortment of targeting alternatives based on interests, interactions, and the buying habits of individuals.

It even offers users the option of choosing from video and image ads, collection ads, story ads, and many more things. Simply using one image advertisement with a stunning ad copy and a bit of creativity will help you attract more customers. They will further interact with your post and even clink on the link provided.

Try Instagram Story

Instagram Story is an efficient and simple way of getting extra content on your page and that too without cluttering the feeds of the followers. Use Instagram Stories for posting simple announcements or for linking your website page. This makes it very easy for your followers to get hold of the new posts you have created or the new products you are launching.

Instagram Stories helps users post questions and leave blank fields for the followers to write their answers. Users also get the scope of creating polls for their followers to vote.

This section of Instagram even has a new feature called “Highlights,” enabling users to save their stories so their followers can refer to the same whenever they want. You might be wondering why Instagram Stories do not stay for more than 24 hours, so how can they help make an impact?

You are right if you think that way. But you must also understand that though short-lived a story on Instagram is an easy and quick way of getting content to many Instagram users.

Avoid Salesy Posts

Posts that do not deliver entertainment and are on the more salesy side of things fail to perform well on Instagram. The key here is not treating your Instagram account as a traditional sales platform. Your posts should not make sales pitches for your product in any circumstances.

Such posts do not carry a lot of value and are generally ignored by the viewers. The Instagram algorithm also discovers such posts quickly and shoves the further ones that come from the same brand.

Always keep in mind. People are on Instagram for entertainment and not to buy something. They are on the platform either because they want to have a good time while taking a five-minute break from work, catching up with friends and family, learning something new, or being entertained.

So, the right thing for you to do is upload enticing images and videos of your products and services but completely devoid of sales copy. To find more information about importance of branding, you should try Choice Badge for Amazon sales   

The Bottom Line

Once you are on Instagram, one thing that you can be sure of is that your journey on this platform will never come to an end. Your Instagram business profile will always keep growing and evolving.

Using these simple Instagram marketing tips will only help you maximize earnings and find ultimate success on the platform.

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