IELTS Online Coaching: Sharing My Experience

There are thousands of IELTS online coaching class providers. I am not going to mention all their names here; the list can go long! But, I will only recommend the best IELTS Online Coaching classes in India. They are IELTS Tutorials. I can recommend them because I have taken training for my IELTS test and cleared the test with great scores.

What did I learn?

IELTS Study Material

I have personally attended the IELTS online coaching from this institute and so I can vouch for the quality of training and the practice materials provided by them. I found them strictly following the guidelines issued by British Council and IDP on preparing their IELTS exam material for better preparation. Especially vocabulary part is well designed with sufficient focus on important words & collocations which are usually tested in exams. So you can depend on IELTS Tutorials for giving authentic information.

IELTS Mock Test

The most effective way to crack the IELTS exam is to follow the IELTS test pattern and format. To start with I was not able to clear IELTS on 1st attempt. I had taken classes earlier as well, but I still could not do well in the IELTS test. Today, I am able to write properly because of the guidance received from my tutor for the Writing module. They taught me the writing structure, sentence formations, use of grammar, short and long sentences, and much more. I followed them to the letter! And it definitely helped me.


Most IELTS Coaching institutes focus on IELTS Preparation only. They don’t provide IELTS tips & IELTS strategies to crack the IELTS exam within a short period of time. But IELTS Tutorials does it successfully. So you can surely join them for better results.

I have mentioned below a few IELTS tips and strategies which helped me a


1. Know the IELTS Test format in detail

Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking

– Listening Module: 40 Questions – Time duration: 30 Minutes

(Transfer Time: 10 Minutes for Paper-based IELTS and 2 Minutes for Computer)

– Reading Module – 40 Questions – Time Duration: 60 Minutes

– Writing Module – Task 1 (Writing a letter, or a report) & Task 2 (An essay on a general topic). Time Duration – 60 Minutes

– Speaking Module – Divided into 3 tasks: Introduction, Cue Card, and Discussion. Time Duration – 11-14 Minutes

Knowing the test format in detail will help you prepare a plan to manage your time effectively.

2. Follow the Instructions

It is crucial to follow the instructions as they are the base of the entire test. Read them carefully and follow them. This will give clarity. I generally made this mistake. In a hurry to complete the paper, I just glanced at the instructions without paying much attention to them. Several times, though my answer was right, I lost marks because I failed to follow the given instructions.

3. Vocabulary for IELTS Preparation

Around 70 % of English vocabulary used in the IELTS exam is very common and comes under Core Vocabulary. Core vocabulary consists of high-frequency words which are consistently used in the IELTS exam. I suggest you learn core vocabulary words thoroughly. Keep a dictionary or download the IELTS App which consists of practice materials as well as a dictionary of vocabulary words.

4. IELTS Listening tips 

I recommend you to practice regularly along with the regular IELTS online coaching at IELTS Tutorials.

I have noticed that most candidates are not aware of the fact that the Listening module needs thorough practice as well. They believe, they can give IELTS test without preparation in the Listening module because you just have to listen to the audio and write the answers.

On the contrary, you should work harder on the Listening module because Listening and Reading are the only two modules where you can get full marks rather than the Writing and Speaking modules. Practice writing as you hear to be able to make notes during the IELTS Exam.

5. IELTS Writing tips

I think I should mention here that the Writing part is quite different from other tests because not only does the content of the answer matters, but also grammar, conceptualization, and task completion. You need to fulfil the task requirements and cover all the given points. Finally, I would like to say that prepare smartly and practice continuously for the IELTS test but remember that the IELTS tips & IELTS strategies will give you greater benefits!

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6. IELTS Speaking tips 

Explore your hobbies or interests in group activities with your colleagues or family members. Prepare questions and answers based on them. Practice speaking fluently on such topics. This is because the examiner can cover these topics in Task 1 – Introduction part.

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In the End…

Don’t forget to sign up to IELTS Tutorials and receive IELTS updates in your mailbox.

Also, if you have any queries or require IELTS Online Coaching, please do join their batch. The best part of their coaching is that they conduct classes in small batch sizes.

You can reach out to them on IELTS Tutorials.

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