How VSI Jaipur Institute gives the Best CA Result in India?

To get a good CA Result, proper preparation, study plan, right guidance, best study material, and the right mentor are essential. VSI Jaipur is the best CA Institute in India having many features like these. It can also be seen in their amazing past results.

VSI students have attained AIR 1, seven times in the last 10 years. Moreover, VSI has the record of ever-highest marks in the CA Final, Intermediate and IPCC. The CA result 2021 has also gone amazing with one 1 AIR, and 7 other students getting ranked under 50. In the CA result July 2021, one student got AIR 8 in the finals.

7 VSI students who secured AIR 1 in the last ten years of CA results

But how is VSI getting such amazing results? To get the best CA results for its students,  VSI offers:

  • Latest and Updated Study Material
  • Good environment for study
  • Regular Mock Test Series
  • Personalized Guidance
  • Separate Class for Hindi and English medium students
  • Limited students per batch for better attention

Due to all the above features, VSI has an excellent CA result 2021 pass percentage. VSI and its students are constantly trying hard to achieve their dream. VSI experienced teaching faculty is guiding the students throughout the CA journey and helping them in scoring better in CA exam results.

Let’s Check out some other attributes of VSI that give the best CA Results.

7 VSI Features to Give the Best CA Results


Features of VSI Jaipur CA classes that helps in getting the best CA result

1. Experienced CA Faculty

Without an experienced and dedicated teaching faculty, the success of any institution and its students is impossible. Experienced teaching faculty is essential to enrich students with the right educational content, strategies, and study techniques. The VSI CA faculty has years of classroom teaching experience and uses proven teaching methodologies to deliver lectures to the students. Also, the faculty is constantly putting in all the effort to help students understand the complex concepts in the simplest manner possible to perform well and score well in CA results.

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2. Strict Study Plan

No matter what the exam is about, a study plan is essential to complete the entire syllabus and save time for revisions and solving papers. Without a study plan, a student is aimless and always keeps procrastinating. So, VSI gives all its students a strict study plan while preparing for the exams. The study plan involves the right time for studying, managing revisions, and other work. It also focuses on completing the self-study and giving ample time to aspirants to prepare for the mock-tests and revisions. It is a major reason why VSI has a good CA Inter result, as it helps students in covering a vast syllabus with the right approach.

3. Student-focused Compilers

The CA Course is vast, and the subjects are challenging. It is difficult for students to prepare using the ICAI material and from other reference books. Their content presentation and the language is quite difficult for a student to understand. Moreover, many subjects require proper understanding, and concept clearance.

The student-focused compilers by VSI enable students to quickly understand the topics since the VSI faculty design the compilers in structures and in an understandable language. Moreover, the compilers also cover questions from past year papers, sample papers to analyze the student’s understanding. So, students don’t have to roam around in search of study content. visit here to know more information : newsbench

4. Regular Mock Test Series

Mock tests are an essential part of any exam preparation. The mock tests help in identifying any gaps in the exam preparation or topics that require more practice. Moreover, the mock test enables students to better time management in exams and get acquainted with the exam pattern. VSI believes that the mock test has a 40% role in the preparation and securing a good CA Result. So, there are a pre-defined number of mock tests during the CA coaching.

In CA Foundation, VSI conducts 6 mock test papers covering the entire syllabus. This helps in lowering the pressure of exams and assuring the best CA Foundation result for its students.

5. Additional Problem Solving Classes

Students may face many problems or doubts during their CA Preparation. These doubts might be related to a particular concept, problem, or a whole chapter. Doubt clearing is essential from the exam point of view since doubts may affect their preparation and also the CA Result.  Therefore, VSI gives additional problem-solving classes to all the students.

6. Online and Pendrive Classes

Thanks to Online and Pendrive classes, now students all across the country can benefit from the VSI Jaipur’s CA lectures and secure an excellent CA exam result. These classes have the same quality of teaching as that of the physical classes. Moreover, students can also access all the doubt solving classes, mock tests, study compilers, and study plans. The online and Pendrive classes have the added advantage of streaming them at your own comfortable time.

7. Different Batches for English and Hindi medium

VSI has separate batches for English and Hindi medium, based on the medium chosen for the exams. The classes are delivered in both languages in physical and online. Moreover, the study material by VSI is also accessible in Hindi and English language. This ensures that students can learn the concepts better in the language they are going to write the exams and increase their chances of scoring well in the CA exam result.

These are the features that make VSI a preferred institute that can give you the best CA result. In the recent CA Final result of July 2021, one of its students got AIR 8 and many others cleared one of toughest exams in just 1st attempt. Moreover, out of 100 students, 81 students cleared the CA final exams, making it the best CA Final coaching in India.

Alt Text – VSI CA Final result of July 2021

Join VSI Coaching Classes for the Best CA Result

Now it is evident that VSI Jaipur has a list of features that makes it the preferable Institute in India that can help you in getting the best CA result. It is the time to join VSI Coaching classes for exam preparation.

VSI offers coaching for CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final in offline and online modules.

The CA Foundation Coaching fees is Rs 45000. Whereas the CA Intermediate Fees for both groups is Rs 80000, and for single group, it is Rs 45000. For CA Final, fees for both the groups is Rs 90,000 and Rs 50000 for each group.

The admission procedure of VSI is easy, and you can register for the course online or offline. Following your registration in either mode, you will receive the required details for your classes. You can go to the VSI Jaipur website to have a detailed understanding of the admission process.


VSI has all the necessary infrastructure, features, and abilities to provide the best CA result to its students. VSI has never failed to break its past results because of the constant efforts of the students and teachers. Moreover, the personalized guidance by the faculty keeps the student motivated during the entire CA Journey. So, join the best CA institute to score amazing CA Results without any delay. Do not delay, as the seats are limited.

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