How to treat clogged acne

Acne Treatment

There are several approaches to treating acne breakouts. from the use of point drugs, oral pills, injections, including the use of lasers The treatment will be divided according to the severity of acne clogging.

1. Apply acne medication.

medicines used to treat acne It contains retinoids or vitamin A derivatives. Which is a topical drug to treat acne spots to dissolve acne breakouts such as Isotretinoin, Adapalene has the effect of helping to break up blockages in the sebaceous glands. and slow down the secretion of excess oil including being able to accelerate the exfoliation of dead skin cells to peel off

2. Take pills to treat clogged acne.

For those who have acne problems and inflammatory acne The doctor will consider prescribing antibiotics. or prescribing hormone medication In the case of acne breakouts caused by the hormone androgen (Androgen) to reduce the effect of testosterone that causes acne.

3. Injection to treat clogged acne

Acne injections use corticosteroid drugs. (Corticosteroid) is injected into the skin at the acne site. Often used for large clogged acne problems, acne cysts, elephant head acne by the doctor injecting the skin into the acne area. but will not inject under the skin to avoid dimples on the skin However, after treatment, a dimple may appear after 2-3 weeks and may form a scar. Including not suitable for people with a history of allergic reactions to triamcinolone. Tuberculosis or fungal skin infection uncontrolled diabetes, heart attack, or severe high blood pressure

4. Pressing clogged acne

Pressing a pimple is a way to help the pimples come off the skin layer more easily and quickly. Many people with acne tend to squeeze or press on their own. But in fact, pressing acne should be done by a specialist. Use a specific tool to press out the pimples without hurting the tissues. and ensure cleanliness especially clogged acne If you press incorrectly or press the pimple head out completely. It can cause inflammation, redness, or leave scars. which is difficult to treat (The chin area is not recommended to press on the pimple itself if you don’t know the right way. because it is the point where scars are easy to leave)

5. Laser acne scars

Using laser technology to treat acne scars There is a principle similar to using a needle to make it easier to press on the acne. But using a laser will use light energy to penetrate instead. Pressing on clogged acne will be easier and faster, especially in areas with deep clogged acne, and will be able to press out easily. In addition, it can laser the dark spots, redness to fade, making the facial skin look more radiant. too

6. Electrical tickling (Electrosurgery)

Electrocution It is a treatment for cystic acne in patients with severe acne by applying an electric generator to the acne-prone skin. To get rid of clogged acne Use an electric pendant, which is pointed like a pen, to open the pimple head. Then use the pimple press to remove the blockage. It helps to cure many clogged acne better and faster than applying pills or general pills.

7. Microdermabrasion

Resurfacing is the use of mineral crystals or special crystals to slough off problem areas. to make the clogged pimples come off It can also scrub every part of the body. From the face, neck, wrinkles on the neck or other areas with uneven skin problems. Helps to get rid of dead cells to come off make the skin brighter

prevention of clogged acne

prevention of clogged acne This can be done by modifying behaviors such as reducing starchy foods, sugars, and fats that stimulate acne. Drink plenty of water and rest. including not using your hands to touch your face Always keep your face and hair clean. Always clean your pillowcases, blankets, and sheets. Avoid being outdoors for long periods of time. This will dry out the skin and cause the skin to produce too much oil to nourish the skin.

You can see that the factors that cause acne breakouts are all around us. So if anyone has clogged acne problems and has not recovered for a while. and then come back again even after treatment The doctor recommends that you come back and review your daily routine. May find the cause of clogged acne. and can protect directly on the spot

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