How To Style Blue Jeans For Men


When we talk about men’s fashion, ignoring jeans would be a big miss. Since the 1800s, it has become an icon in itself, and due to its versatility, they still find one way or another to keep coming back.

Jeans for men can go with literally anything: t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, tank tops, you name it. If they are so readily available, you’d think people would have a clue about styling them right. Turns out, a lot of guys still do not know how to style a pair of blue jeans.

Types of Blue Jeans

Before going out to buy a pair, every guy should know the basic types of blue jeans. It’s only after you know better, that you make better decisions. Here are some of the most commonly worn blue jeans:

  • Indigo Jeans: for versatility and a dapper look
  • Slim-fit Jeans: if you are not going for a skin-tight look but want to keep the fabric minimum
  • Straight-legged Jeans: if you like boot cuts or the cowboy look

Blue Jeans Styles

Now, on to the best part. There are many styles which you can do with your jeans, so there is technically no right answer. However, you cannot clash color tones or look sloppy in the name of fashion, so we are here to help.

The Classic Look

A pair of blue jeans with a t-shirt is the classic look that you can go for if you are in an informal setting. Usually, you can wear them to a friend’s party or go to the cinema. Add some thought to the shirt you’re wearing, and you can rock them for semi-formal occasions as well.

The Light Blues

So you have your type of jeans, but now you do not know which colors complement your light blue jeans. Do not fret: With any type of light blue jeans, you can go with the following color choices:

  • Light blue (as in denim on denim)
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Pastels
  • Olive Green
  • Maroon

These colors look gorgeous when paired with light blue jeans. But you can experiment on your own.

You can wear maroon long sleeves with them or go with a pastel tank top, you will come out looking classy. White button-downs are some of the most popular pairing items with light blue jeans. You can tuck a shirt but remember to wear a good belt with it and match it with the boots you are wearing. You can also pair them with darker shades of hoodies like ochers and teals.

Snickers look good with light-colored jeans, but boots can go a long way.

The Darker Shades

Dark-on-dark is usually neglected, but you have to be smart with it. Go for gray shirts with dark denim, but choose a darker hue. Maroon looks great with dark jeans as well. Avoid lighter shades unless you are layering to compliment the style.

When it comes to choosing the shirts, then henleys are the best bet with dark types of denim. You can go with all sorts of jackets with them: leather, denim, field, quilted vests, etc.

With men’s blue jeans of darker color, it is better to wear boots. Timberlands look classier, and you can even wear formal shoes if you want to look even better. It is a perfect idea for a romantic night out to wear darker colors because they make you look elegant.

Bottom Line

The light blue jeans for men are synonymous with casual looks. Darker jeans mean you mean business. You can even go and do alterations with the stuff: Go ahead if you want to wear ripped jeans or want the Harry Styles super skinny jeans. It is always better to experiment with the options you have to express yourself in a better way. Visit JackJones.

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