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How To Promote Your Instagram Stories

You must have witnessed ads amidst your Instagram story. These are a promotional method introduced by Instagram to allow promotion of Instagram stories. Instagram stories are consumed at a very high rate and hence placing your ads here is the best way to get noticed especially considering the fact that these stories witness the highest number of views amidst the total usage of Instagram. To promote any of your Instagram stories you need to convert it into an advertisement. This allows you to get more visibility on Instagram and maximize your traffic and sales. Now how do you actually do this? This blog helps you figure out ways to promote your Instagram story easily on Instagram.

  1. Cross-promotion through URL: Instagram tries to improve its services regularly to help business and content creators bag more visibility and growth easily. Recently Instagram introduced its ‘copy URL’ feature for Instagram stories. This feature works exactly like it used to for your post and reels. You can easily copy this link and paste it anywhere to put it up on other platforms. Simply tap on the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen and choose the ‘copy URL’ option. Now paste this link on your other social media handles to attract an audience from those sites as well. This helps you promote your Instagram story on multiple platforms and bag more views and engagement on Instagram. You can also download Instagram media for posting on different platforms by using the Instazoom Paste the URL in that tool and choose the platform where you want to repost the media content.
  2. Use ads manager: If you have a business account on Instagram you must be very well aware of what ads manager is and what it does? Ads manager helps you create and launch ads on Instagram platform in the form of posts, reels, etc. you can even use ads manager to promote your Instagram stories in the form of an ad. Simply open an ads manager on Instagram and fill out the purpose for your ad, duration of your ad, your target audience and other important things that have been asked in it. Now create your ad or upload your story on ads post downloading it. Once you have done this tap ‘next’. Go to the placement option and select ‘manual placement’. Now select ‘story’ option from the list and tap create. Now your ads will be placed amidst other stories.
  1. Use ‘promote’ option : Another cool feature of Instagram stories that has come recently is the ‘promote’ button. Using the promote button you can easily convert any live story into an ad. This is really simple, all you need to do is, upload any story and then play it. Now tap on the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen to reveal the options list. Choose the ‘promote’ option from this list. Now the form that comes up, fill it out detailing the duration, budget, target audience and purpose of your ad. Check everything and tap create. Your story will be instantly converted into an ad. Even post your story disappears, your ad will still be displayed to all your followers and unfollowers. This is the best and easiest way to promote any story instantly and get more views, enhancing your overall traffic and reach.

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