How to prepare your Car for Detailing?

Well, the whole idea of getting your car professionally detailed is that you don’t have to do it… correct! While this is partially right! The major advantage of detailing your car is that you don’t have to deal with the mess and there are things which you may not be able to handle.

However, before handing over your car to a professional detailer, it is always important to prepare your vehicle for auto detailing in Edmonton. Here are few things you should do to prepare your vehicle for detailing.

Remember every detailer is unique. Some will do all the things by their own hands while others will request you to bring your car in a particular condition before they start the work.  Make sure you talk to the person doing the detailing to know whether they have any requirements before starting the task.

Some bonus tips to take care of before you send your car for detailing are:

Take pictures of the car

Well, this is an important step. It is a proof of the condition your car was in before it went for detailing. 99.9% of the time you will get back your car in its best condition, but there is always a 0.1% chance that damage could occur during detailing.

So, make sure you document the condition of your car and take clear pictures showing its every panel.

Remove your personal stuff

Removing your personal stuff from the car before sending it for detailing means you will not lose any of your essential things. Usually, detailers are honest, and they will safely hand over your stuff, but it is better to remove your belongings beforehand.

Removing your belongings will not take much of your time.

Remove car seats or booster seats

According to the service you have chosen, you may or may not have to remove your car seats. If you want the interior to get cleaned properly, then disconnect the car seat so that it can be cleaned well.

For instance, if you don’t remove your child’s car seat, then some detailers will not remove it and the seat under the child’s car seat will remain uncleaned.

Sanitize your car

The only thing that really mattered in 2020 was protection from the Covid-19 virus. Hence, make sure you sanitize your car properly before you send it for detailing. The detailer will climb your car, clean the mess, hence it is a good practice to sanitize your car before sending it.

It will keep the detailer on the safer side while they work on your car.

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Lastly show your car to the detailer to discuss the package

It is very important to discuss the price of detailing in the beginning. Some companies offer a base price and then add additional charges on it depending on the work required. Hence, make sure you do the extra work of removing your belongings, child’s car seat for them.

Get a complete estimate so that you don’t have to pay for anything extra in the end.

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