How to prepare for Professional Scrum Master (PSM)-I Certification

In this digital and technological world, it is sure to enhance the demand for IT professionals who have a sound knowledge about the methodology and its implementation. There are different certifications which are available to test the knowledge and competency of the IT professional which would take them to a next level. Taking in consideration any of the organization whether it is a small start up company or a Multi National Company, people are recruited based on their interest in the management department. Nowadays, the sectors of Project Management has started to provide every employee with the golden opportunity which may either help them in having a great livelihood or may help in achieving promotions in their job.

Certified Scrum Master’s use is still unfair towards the development of software. There are many Certifications available under the Scrum master. These Certifications plays an important role in the designation of an employee. Nowadays , organizations look forward for the employees who are certified with some certification. Though experience in the field of Scrum Master is also necessary yet passing the certification exams and getting that particular certification is also very important. One such Certification is the Professional Scrum Master Certification.

About the Professional Scrum Master (PSM)-I Certification

The Professional Scrum Master (PSM)- I exam is being managed by a company which is guided by Ken Schwaber. He is also among one of the co founders of Scrum. It’s seen that many certification authorities have merged into one another in the last few years. Their main aim is to certify the people with Scrum Master. The top 3 competitors of the Scrum Master are:

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  1. CSM- Certified Scrum Master from
  2. PSM-I- Professional Scrum Master from
  3. PMI-ACP- PMI Agile Certified Practitioner from
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After being certified in both CSM and PSM-I , it’s recommended to even get certified with LSM as well. The reason is that one need not pay a huge amount for the training classes which are conducted by a coach of Scrum Alliance. One cab study from the official website and give the exam of PSM-I. There is no use of attending the beginners level training if anyone has been already working as a Scrum Master and knows about the Scrum guide from top to bottom everything.

The exam topics for getting the Professional Scrum Master (PSM)-I Certification

There are some topics which the candidate has to cover for the Professional Scrum Master (PSM)-I Certification exam. The topics are as follow:

  1. Scrum theory and it’s principles
  2. The framework of Scrum
  3. Definition of Done
  4. How to run a Scrum project
  5. Coordination of working with the people and team
  6. The role of Scrum Master

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Things to know about the Professional Scrum Master (PSM)-I examination

The fees for the exam is $150USD per attempts. A candidate can attempt the exam only for a limited period of time. The passing percentage to be scored for passing the exam is 85%. There are total 80 questions out of which if one marks 65 questions or above as correct then he or she has passed the exam successfully. The time duration of the exam is 60 minutes. This exam checks whether the candidate is able to cope up with the time or not. The types if questions are usually multiple choice and true or false. This is a entry level exam so there is no need to prepare like an advance level exam. There is no availability of any ready made formulas for the PSM-I assessment.

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Ways to prepare for the Examination

The very first and most important step is to download the Scrum Guide from the online platform and read it properly as many time as possible. This helps to understand the Scrum. There are many practice tests available on the website Try giving all the tests available there. One should keep giving the exams until he or she gets a proper score. Sometimes even the questions which are in the practice paper appears in the real examination as well. So it is said to practice the online tests bit by bit. The exam is not an open book as the time duration is very important. There is no negative marking for the wrong question so try attempting every question. The important topics which are not covered in the guide are velocity, sprint burndown chart, technical debt, cone of certainty and empricial process. The candidate giving the PSM-I exam are instructed not to buy any books. The core concepts should be clear.

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These are some ways about how to prepare for the Professional Scrum Master PSM-I examination and getting certified with the PSM-I Certification.

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