How to place a boxing bet and win?

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Boxing bets are popular even among people who are not aware of the art of boxing — because often highprofile boxing fights gather a large audience and attract the attention of the general public.

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But one of the main problems of betting on boxing is that in most fights there is a clear favorite, and the odds on whose victory are not attractive. In such situations, bookmakers are ready to offer bets on the method of victory, thus increasing quotes and interest from bettors, but slightly complicating the task of predicting.

Types of wins in boxing

Boxing wins can be completely different. It is not always necessary for a boxer to knock the opponent out cold in order to get a win. Globally, boxing victories are divided into two types:

  1. early victories;
  2. victories on points, by decision.

A fight may end early for a variety of reasons, which we will discuss below. If it lasted the prescribed number of rounds, and none of the boxers sent his opponent to knockoutthe winner is determined by the judge’s decision. In amateur boxing, judges count punches online, which allows the losing athlete to understand exactly how many punches he is behind his opponent, but in professional boxing, the number of punches is not as important as the number of rounds won. 

Judges give the advantage to one of the boxers in each round, and then their scores are compared and added up. In such a case, it is said that the winner was determined by points.

Bookmakers offer not just to bet on the outcome of the fight, but also to specify the method of victory by betting on the victory on points. In this case, the odds will be much higher, as it is more difficult to predict this outcome. It is necessary for the fight to last all the allotted rounds, and then according to the judges’ notes, the athlete specified by you will win. 

Bets on the victory on points are risky if only because when it comes to the judging decisions, they are not always logical and fair. That is why decent odds are given for this outcome in boxing.

Boxing referee stoppage

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But more often than not, we can see victories in boxing by referee stoppage. To interrupt the fight and declare the winner, the in-ring referee can for a number of reasons:

  • knockout;
  • victory by a clear margin;
  • technical knockout;
  • disqualification of one of the competitors;
  • throwing out the towel by the second because of the athlete‘s inability to continue the fight;
  • stopping the fight by the doctor’s decision due to a dangerous injury to the boxer.

For example, the famous fight between Lennox Lewis and Vitali Klitschko was stopped to the indignation of the Ukrainian boxer by the doctor, who considered his injuries dangerous. Mike Tyson, in his not less famous fight with Evander Holyfield, was disqualified for biting off a part of his ear.


Boxing is a sport where betting has been accepted since the very birth of the sport, as the entertainment component in boxing has always been in the first place. The main type of betting in boxing is betting on the winner or on the outcome of the fight, as in some cases in boxing a draw can be recorded.

Bookmakers offer both bets on the very fact that the fight will end early, as well as on the specific winner who will win by an early victory. Also, some bookmakers allow you to bet on the method of an early victory: by knockout, technical knockout, disqualification of the opponent, etc. Of course, the quotes on such outcomes will be much higher than in the case of betting on the main outcome, so bets on an early victory are increasingly popular among bettors.


Is it difficult to place a boxing bet and win money?

No, it’s not a mammoth task at all. The last thing you need is to worry about a potential outcome. You need to be focused and determined.

What’s the most popular boxing bet?

As a rule of thumb, boxing referee stoppage is the most popular boxing bet.

What should bettors bear in mind before placing a bet?

Bettors should rely on their gut feeling and conduct a thorough analysis of the boxers that will clash.

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