How to Keep a Deep Wave Wig For More than a year?

Why to try a deep wave wig:

Though the deep wave and water wave wigs seem very similar in style. But, the deep wave wig has some individual characteristics. Deep wave wig is perfect for you if you want a sweet and romantic look. Girls or womens try the deep wave as it brings the shiny fullness.

Where to buy:

Good quality products are only available in good companies. After researching online for 2 days. We got to know a brand name “Luvmehair”. It’s ranked 2nd in the hair extensions industry. 

Why luvmehair:

Luvmehair is the best choice for new buyers because they take care great after sales. 

What Luvmehair Customers Told About Deep Wave Wigs:

According to Patricia Sease, she already bought 4 units of deep wave wigs and she found it comfortable and easy to install. She also showed interest in buying other units.

Takala said that she wanted to change her look on her birthday and that’s why bought the wig. She was surprised to see the final result and feels more happy about the easy installation procedure.

Saadia M. found the deep wave wigs’ curls soft and gorgeous. She likes it so much that she becomes a loyal customer of Luvmehair and further wants to purchase the wigs.

Tiffany Richmond has been using the wigs for a few years and she finds them perfect for her. She used to wash and dye the wig but still found it beautiful. She has a keen interest in buying another one soon and also suggests others to give it a try.

Maintenance Guide to Keep Wigs for more than 1 year:

You should follow some important things to keep your wig beautiful and last for more than a year. 

  • Keep washing and conditioning your hair regularly but not excessively.
  • Don’t rub or twist the hair roughly when washing.
  • Before washing, detangles the hairs softly and smoothly.
  • Use moisture enriched conditioner or mild shampoo when washing the hair. Make sure you wash it very carefully and don’t wash it roughly.
  • Rinse the hair in a downward motion so that the water can pass easily.
  • After soaking out excess water try to dry it naturally.
  • Don’t comb the hair when it’s dry.
  • Don’t bleach or dye without any expert opinion.
  • If you have a deep curly wig, instead of brushing use your fingers to comb for longer use.
  • Try to keep the hair wet, too much dry hair can damage the wig quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I keep my weave silky and shiny?

You should take care of your hair with shampoo, conditioner and wash on a regular basis. 

  • What can I use to moisturise my weave?

You can use good quality conditioner for this. 

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