How to Download vShare for Free

The Android mobile app store offers users millions of apps, games, and more to choose from, but there are several things that irritate users, two being the number of ads and the in-app purchases. With the official app store apps, in-app purchases are sometimes needed if you want to get the best out of an app or game, but these can add up. And some app developers are guilty of continually pushing them at users, causing many to lose interest and stop using the app. Thankfully, there is a solution to this – an Android tool called vShare. Before we talk about what the tool can do, here’s how to get it on your Android device.

Before you Start:

Before installing vShare, your Android device needs to meet certain requirements:

  • Android v 2.3.3 or above – also works on Windows 7 to 10
  • A minimum of 2 GB free RAM
  • A minimum of 10 GB free internal storage
  • A rooted device – vShare can be used on an unrooted device, but it won’t work as well

vShare also requires certain permission. Otherwise, it won’t work:

  • Permission to read the memory card
  • Permission to modify the SD card contents and overwrite/delete them
  • Permission to modify your system settings
  • Permission to draw over other streaming apps
  • Permission to access your location

Here’s how you install vShare on Android:

  1. Download vShare from the linked download website
  2. Launch your Android Settings app and tap on Security or Privacy (dependent on your firmware version)
  3. Find and enable the option to Allow from Unknown Sources
  4. Open the Downloads folder on your Android device
  5. Tap the file and tap Install
  6. When you see the app icon on your home page, vShare is nearly ready to use
  7. Tap to open the app and tap Allow on the Requested Permissions page
  8. Tap on Yes on the security warning and tap Install on the confirmation page
  9. Click Install Anyway on the warning message telling you vShare is Blocked by Play Protect
  10. When Lucky Patchier is installed, the tool is ready to use

What is vShare?

vShare is one of the few Android tools available that really works to remove restrictions from some apps and games. When you install the tool on your device, it can tell you what modifications can be made to your existing apps and games, such as bypassing licensing restrictions, removing the payment system from apps, removing ads, allowing you to change the permissions an app requests, adding new features and applying patches to games and streaming apps, and much more. To get the absolute best out of vShare, it is recommended that you root your device. However, it will work if your device is not rooted, but it won’t have so many features and it won’t be able to do so much.

vShare Features:

Downloading vShare on your device gives you access to all these cool features:

  • Ad Removal – all the irritating ads from your apps and games are removed with just a couple of clicks
  • Turn Apps into System Apps – if you want to keep a specific app on your device permanently, simply copy it into your system folder and it will be converted to a system app
  • Transfer Apps to Your Memory Card – easily send heavy apps to your memory card and get them out of your device memory Back-Up Important Files – a fantastic feature that lets you back your files up and imports them to Cloud storage or your PC, making them easily retrievable
  • Change App Permissions – if you don’t want to allow the specific permissions an app asks for, simply change them for different ones
  • Lots more

vShare Not Installed – How to Fix

This is one of the more common errors that you might come across when trying to install vShare, but it is easy to fix:

  1. Open Google Play Store on your device and tap on Menu
  2. Tap on Play Protect
  3. Disable Scan Device for Security Threats
  4. Tap OK on the warning message

You should find vShare installs just fine now

What About Using vShare on Unrooted Devices?

vShare does work on non-rooted devices but it won’t be anywhere near as good. vShare is highly advanced and needs root access for most of what the tool offers.

vShare is an Android tool rather than an alternative app store. Instead of allowing you to choose from thousands of modified apps, games and more, instead, it modified what you already have on your Android device. Be aware that it won’t work on all apps and games but, being a free app, you can try it to see if it works on yours – if it doesn’t, you haven’t lost a thing and, if it does, go ahead and enjoy what it can do for you.

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