How to Download TopStore for Free

With so few jailbreaks usable by all users right now, many jailbreakers are hunting around for a new way of installing unofficial apps, games, tweaks, and more. TopStore has recently joined the long list of third-party app installers, released as alternatives to Cydia and, with tins of content on offer, it doesn’t need a jailbreak and it’s free.

What is TopStore?

Once a Cydia alternative, TopStore is now one of the most popular iOS app store alternatives. It offers over 2000 apps and games, many of them modified with new features, lots of Cydia tweaks that don’t need root access, game emulators, and much more. Even better, it’s all free.

TopStore Features:

Installing TopStore gives you all this content:

  • iOS Apps – plenty of iOS apps and games for free
  • Exclusive Apps – unofficial apps, games, tweaks, emulators, streaming apps, and much more
  • Tweaked Apps – modified stock apps with extra features
  • Modified Apps – modified stock games, unlocked and with new features

TopStore also has all these features:

Although TopStore supports iOS 14, some developers haven’t yet managed to update their apps to support it. Don’t be surprised if you come across some that don’t work – support is forthcoming. Also make sure that any apps you want to download are compatible with your specific device/firmware combination.

How to Download TopStore:

Because TopStore is unofficial, you cannot download it from the iOS app store. Downloading it is simple though. Here’s what you will need:

  • Your PC or Mac
  • iTunes – open iTunes > Help > Check for Updates to make sure your version is up to date
  • Your iPhone or iPad
  • Official cable
  • Good internet connection

Follow these steps to download it:

  1. Open Safari and navigate to the TopStore download page
  2. Tap on one of the configuration profiles
  3. Tap on Allow on the confirmation message
  4. TopStore will be on your home screen when it is downloaded

Tapping on the app icon will bring up an Untrusted Developer error; all you need to do is verify the app source, like this:

  1. Open Settings and go to General
  2. Go into Profiles and tap on the TopStore profile
  3. Tap the Trust option and close Settings
  4. Now you can use TopStore

How to Use TopStore:

TopStore is an easy app to use:

  • Tap the icon to open TopStore
  • Tap one of the categories – see above
  • Find an app or game – there is a search bar to help you
  • Tap on what you want to download and the app page will open
  • Tap on Install and follow the on-screen instructions – the app will install to your home screen and can also be accessed via the App section in TopStore

Be prepared to fix the untrusted developer error on what you download

Common TopStore Errors and Solutions:

While TopStore is generally error-free and stable, some users are reporting common problems:

White/Blank Screen

This looks worse than it is:

  1. Go into iOS Settings
  2. Tap on Safari and then tap Clear Website Data
  3. Close Settings

TopStore should now work properly again. These steps can also be used to fix an unusable, greyed-out icon. If this doesn’t resolve the error, simply delete TopStore and start with a fresh install.

How to Stop TopStore Crashing:

This is highly irritating and needs fixing, otherwise, it will continue to happen. The reason it happens is that you are using unofficial content built on expired enterprise certificates. Apple doesn’t like these being used and will revoke them, usually within a few days of you installing the app. The developers are usually good at replacing these certificates before Apple can do this but sometimes they can’t. The only way to fix it at this point is to delete TopStore and start again but you can prevent it from happening again – simply use an anti-revoke app which will prevent Apple from revoking the certificates.

How to Delete TopStore:

On occasion, deleting TopStore is the only way to fix an error and you can do it in two ways:

Method 1: Delete the App Profile

  1. Open your Settings app and tap on General
  2. Tap on Profiles & Device Management
  3. Tap on the TopStore profile
  4. Tap Delete Profile
  5. Tap Delete to confirm and close Settings

Method 2: Delete the App Icon

  1. Find and long-hold on the TopStore icon
  2. All app icons will start wiggling; tap the x on the TopStore icon
  3. Tap on Delete to confirm

Either method will completely remove TopStore from your device.

TopStore is one of the most popular alternative app stores for iOS users. With thousands of apps, games and more on offer, it is free and doesn’t need a jailbreak so download it today and take advantage of all its cool features.

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