How to Crack SSC JE Tier 2 Exam?

The SSC JE exam is conducted every year by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) for the post of Junior Engineer (JE), including recruitments being offered in mechanical, electrical, civil, and military engineering services.

The SSC JE exam consists of two parts that are conducted: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 is for 200 marks in the objective format, while Paper 2 holds more weightage with 300 marks, and is conducted in an offline pattern, with descriptive questions being asked.

If you are planning to appear for the SSC JE examination, it is important to start preparing early to give yourself enough time to understand the exam pattern and have sufficient practice.

You can kickstart your preparation with Byju’s Exam Prep platform, which will give you an edge to be well versed with the exam curriculum, mock tests, tips, and more. Let us walk you through some preparation strategies to help you crack the SSC JE Tier 2 exam.

Preparation Strategy To Crack The SSC JE Tier 2 Exam

Read through the following preparation tips and suggestions for the SSC JE exam before you begin studying to be fully aware of what to expect in this examination. These tips are carefully designed to help you pass the exam with ease.

1. Know the SSC JE syllabus well

The first step is to become familiar with every aspect and topic of the SSC JE syllabus so that you are on track throughout the duration of your preparation. Check the topics and segregate them based on the difficulty level. This will allow you to understand which areas may be challenging and the ones that are easy to tackle. The SSC JE Tier 2 examination is conducted mainly for three branches of engineering: Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical. Be well versed in both the theory and the descriptive pattern of the exam.

2. Have a realistic timetable

A timetable is a must when preparing for any competitive exam. However, while creating a timetable, do not set unattainable goals. Understand your capacity of learning and study and align it with your daily schedule. Allocate time for every topic smartly. Give more weightage to difficult topics and the ones that carry higher marks. Do not dedicate too much of your time to unimportant areas.

3. Time management is key

Whether during preparation, solving mock tests, or on the examination day, time management plays a crucial role. Practice questions in a time-bound manner. You do not want to miss out on questions during your actual exam. Analyse where you spend your time the most, and try striking a balance between accuracy and speed.

4. Develop your own strategy

The same paper-solving strategy does not work for everyone. Know your strengths and challenges, and divide the questions accordingly. If you are confident in one aspect, try completing it first within a specific duration. If there are topics you are not as confident in, do not spend too much time initially on those topics.

5. Brush up on the basics

We cannot emphasise this enough. It is essential to understand the basics before you solve complex questions. Basics form the foundation on which the complete SSC JE syllabus stands. Go through the theory and concepts well. This will make the problem-solving process easier.

6. Do not miss out on mock tests

Your preparation is incomplete without practising mock tests and the previous year’s question papers. Mock tests do not just allow you to solve all types of questions but also help you master paper-solving strategies and learn from your mistakes. Pay equal attention to mock tests for your general preparation and learning.

Lastly, practice, practice, and practice! With enough preparation, you can access relevant material quickly and in one place, and prepare a thorough study plan. While these are a few tips to ace the SSC JE Tier 2 examination, ensure that you remain confident and apply the study strategies that work for you.

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