How to choose your wedding ring?

Choose a precious metal

While the engagement ring can be a ring set with different precious stones (diamonds, rubies, amethysts, sapphires, etc.), the wedding band in Brussels is traditionally a custom-made 18-carat gold ring. Depending on trends, tastes and budget, the chosen metal can also be platinum, for example.

Coordinate your engagement ring with your wedding band

There are times when you like to wear your engagement ring with your wedding ring. It is therefore wise to carry out the fittings by juxtaposing the two jewels to obtain a perfect harmony between the tints of the metals and the shimmering colors of the precious stones.

Opt for contrast 

The choice of the color of the alliance depends on the complexion. Opting for beautiful contrasts is the assurance of an informed choice. Thus, the radiance of yellow gold sublimates matte skin tones, while pink gold illuminates fair skin. As for white gold, it suits all skin types

Adopt the right size for your alliance

Depending on the weather, our fingers can swell or thin out. In anticipation of these variations, it is essential to adjust your wedding ring so as to keep it in all seasons. The jeweler will be of great help in determining the correct size of the alliance. It should not compress the finger nor easily pass the joint of the second phalanx.

Try on your ring in a jewelry store

Choosing a wedding ring is an intimate and delicate moment. To avoid the inconveniences of a dematerialized choice, it is essential to come and try on your future wedding ring in Brussels. You can thus benefit from personalized advice, touch the jewel and appreciate its effect on your finger. Expert in Wholesale Jewelry for half a century, Bijouterie Fabergé advises future spouses in the choice of their wedding ring in Brussels. Come and discover their shop .

All about buying and repairing gold jewelery 

Want to know more about buying gold jewelry? Do you want to know everything about the advantages of having an old piece of jewelery repaired? The Fabergé Gallery in the heart of Brussels is a jewelery store specializing in the purchase and sale of antique and second-hand gold jewellery. We tell you everything!

Should I rather sell or repair my old jewel?

The Fabergé Gallery has a perfectly equipped workshop entirely dedicated to the repair of antique jewellery. Whether it’s restoring period jewelry, setting diamonds, soldering a ring or bracelet, adjusting the size of a necklace, a bracelet or a ring or to repair a broken piece of jewelry, Bijouterie Fabergé responds to your expectations with finesse. 

Repairing a jewel that is close to your heart is always possible, thanks to the expertise of a renowned jeweler like the Fabergé Gallery. If you no longer really want to wear the jewel in question, consider reselling it. The Fabergé Gallery always offers you the best price. If the emotion is always present when you wear this family jewel or one with strong sentimental value,

I would like to know how jewelry repairs take place 

As an expert with the necessary family know-how, the Fabergé Gallery repairs all types of jewelry: necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings… We work with a qualified jeweler who carries out meticulous and neat work right down to the smallest details. With finesse, we precisely analyze your request when you bring us the jewel to be repaired. We learn to know its history and its particularities in order to opt for the most ideal repair. We repair and transform your jewellery: custom-made rings and other jewellery, crimping, engraving, welding, stringing of pearls, rhodium plating, refurbishment of jewellery, etc.

What should I know before buying gold jewelry?

To offer or to have fun, the purchase of a valuable gold jewel must be made with the necessary precautions. Always get advice from a professional jeweller. Do you want a real gold object? Always ask for the certificate of authenticity of the jewel. This document provides information on the characteristics of the gold, its brand and its origin. Before buying, ask for a warranty as well. Indeed, deterioration is always possible.

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