How To Choose an Indian Bridal Dress For Your Wedding Day

What is a lehenga?

A beautiful and vibrant attire that’s a mix of intricate detailing and rich embroidery. The lehenga is the female equivalent of dhoti kurta pyjama. Most women in the Indian subcontinent wear this attire on festive occasions and weddings. The word ‘lehenga’ is made up of two words: lehenga, which means skirt, and anga, which means attire. It is a combination of a skirt and upper garment as well as an ankle-length Angarkha (a long shirt) and other types of material like silk, chiffon, cotton.

Indian bridal dresses;

Indian bridal dresses are beautiful and elegant which could perfectly match any brides beauty. If you are searching for special Indian wedding dresses to give a sophisticated look to your upcoming wedding, then you must take a tour of the online store of Riddhi Fashion Store.

Dress is a big deal for every bride-to-be. Whether it’s Indian or western, bridal dress is the most crucial part of the wedding ceremony, which is why it should make you feel beautiful and absolutely comfortable. There are quite a few options available on the market but you need to choose your dress carefully for it to best represent your individuality. Have a look at our collection of Indian bridal dresses here on our website and get inspired by unique styles, design details and embroidery work.

Indian bridal lehenga;

Indian Bridal Lehenga Is the epitome of Indian matrimony. An Indian bridal lehenga is a traditional outfit, really a dress and n ot a costume. It is worn by Indian women on special occasions like weddings, and other events of importance. The outfit is also known as saree-gown or sari-gown.

Indian bridal lehengas are a favourite choice of Indian women, who have a long tradition of wearing long designer gowns. Bridal lehengas are suit length, bridal gowns which is another name for them. They typically cover the entire body and can be worn with or without a pair of jewelled earrings or cholis. A lot of Indian brides may choose to wear jewellery sets made of pearls as part of their wedding trousseau. Jewellery sets such as suits (chooda), neckpieces (Kamar bandh), rings and bracelets are typically considered appropriate accessories for brides in Indian culture.

Tips for Choosing a Bridal Lehenga Style;

Bridal Lehenga Style is a very crucial and important part of any Indian Wedding. The type and style of the bridal lehenga can be selected in accordance to the wedding themes. Bridal Lehengas often come with heavy price tags and have to be given utmost importance when it comes to beauty, comfort, design & making sure that guests are fully impressed by your choice of Bridal lehenga style. Here are some easy steps you can follow while selecting your personalized bridal lehenga styles.

Final Words

Indian bridal lehenga is the most attractive, colourful, and beautiful outfits. Most of the Indian young girls are very excited for their wedding day wearing this outfit. India has given several popular fashion designers who create beautiful and classic lehenga choli. Indian wedding wear is traditional and impressive with many embroideries, resham and zari work. Be it the bridal lehenga or the traditional lehenga for Indian brides, these clothes have to be chosen carefully as a bride only wears these clothes once.

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