How to Build Resilience for College?

Resilience can be defined as the ability of an individual to deal with difficult situations, overcome the obstacles coming their way and adapt the situation accordingly. It is one’s capability to confront the adverse situations and bounce back with double strength.

Nowadays, students and youngsters are struggling too much to manage their mental health. They are not able to deal with the troubles that come in their path. Well! Its life, it will give you bouncers, you should know how to duck them.

Now, let’s know how you can build resilience for college.

  • Eliminate negative thoughts

Everybody at some point of time in their life has experienced failure. Who didn’t give up succeeded in life, as they learnt from their mistakes and impoverished themselves. Every human being is different with different skills and talents. Negative thoughts won’t fetch you anything but only distress. Trying working on your weakness and strengthen your strong points and keeping working towards your career.

  • Believe in yourself

Have a belief in yourself. Repeat the phrase to yourself that, you won’t accept defeat unless you compete. College life is a different life altogether. It is full of competitions and opportunities. Establish small goals and objectives and try achieving them. Create manageable schedules, a disciplined time table and a task table too. Be consistent and follow the tasks assigned which would help in adding value and boosting your self-confidence.

  • Develop a sense of belongingness in your college community

Creating a group of people with similar goals and planning day ahead can definitely help in resilience. You can interact with the college students and faculties. Explore new field and participate in the various social and cultural events. When you would be a part of something big, you would feel more confident and enthusiastic.

  • Take back control of the things you can

Now you are stepping into a new world. Your life as a college student would definitely not be easy. You would be required to take decisions in life, be it the decision of choosing a roommate or the plans of your coming future. So, take control of the things you can control.

When two or more individuals decide to share a room or a home, they get into the roommate agreement. It used to mention all terms and conditions that all tenants have to follow without affecting the comfort and convenience of the other.

  • Celebrate small success

Lastly, you need no to only work hard continuously and don’t celebrate your success. Establish milestones and on successfully completing them, do reward yourself. This is also one of the best ways to instil resilience, confront every hindrance that come your way and finally emerge as a leader.

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