How To Analyze Football Matches For Bets: Basic Tips And Recommendations

If a bettor is serious about bets that are considered more than just entertainment for them, they always approach every bet scrupulously. Everyone is looking for profitable opportunities to earn money and betting cannot be considered a bad option for this. At the same time, you need to make a lot of efforts to become a professional and constantly increase your capital.

The very first thing worth paying attention to is a qualitative analysis and comparison of bookmaker odds. It is worth choosing exactly those bookmakers for bets that give the best odds for a particular event. You also need to take into account the fact that if you are going to make live bets, then you just need to have a convenient mobile app, such as Betwinner.

If a bettor is able and willing to analyze information, compare facts, and is aware of all the smallest nuances of the game, then they have every chance of winning.

Where to start in football betting

It is not worth saying that right at the beginning of your betting career, you can only view the lineups, the last matches, and you can already bet millions on events with high chances of winning. There are a lot of factors affecting the final result, so modern bettors introduce their own strategies, improve classical approaches and use different algorithms to achieve success.

Where do you need to start? Everything is quite simple – study leagues, tournaments, teams, and individual players. If this has already been done, then go ahead and pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Statistical data. This is the basis that allows you to significantly reduce the risks of losing money on making bets. Despite the simplicity of analyzing statistics, this process has a lot of nuances. Basics alone are unlikely to help make a great forecast. It is worth looking not only at the statistics but also at the standings, at the names of the teams and the performances of both clubs, for the game of which there is a desire to bet personal money.
  • Previously, the referees who were assigned to the match were known only a few hours before it. Now there is a lot of information, and you can even find out statistics on yellow and red cards, the total number of penalties, and so on. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the referees, because even in the presence of various modern systems that improve the fairness of the game, an important role is assigned to these people and their actions on the field.
  • This indicator is significant only for live bets. For example, if it rains heavily, then the chance of a large number of goals decreases and you can bet สมัครแทงบอล on this.

The importance of motivation, graphics, and game calendar

In football, the factor of motivation plays a decisive role, because, without it, no one would try to win trophies and try to improve their own achievements. At the beginning of the season, it is better to bet on the favorites, reinsuring with various additional predictions, because teams are just entering the season after a pause and often lose points from the start. If there are a few decisive games left until the end of the championship, it is worth taking a closer look at the outsiders and clubs fighting for survival.

There is no point in betting on the favorite if the team secured first place a few rounds before the end of the tournament. The same applies to forecasts for outsiders, who are firmly established in the middle of the table and have no additional goals. The financial issue can also be singled out in a separate order – why should the top clubs spend money on bonuses, if they can leave players with large contracts in reserve. Moreover, many favorites sometimes rotate the squad to save energy for other tournaments.

Squad, game form, and series of victories/losses

Experienced bettors, in addition to having the motivation and a calendar, always consider the line-ups of the teams. This applies not only to the squad list for this or that match but also to the performance of the players, even in a specific confrontation with a specific opponent. The main indicators to look out for are:

  • Play time. There are some footballers for whom even minor injuries do not interfere with playing at a high level. When the core of the team and all the strong players are on the field, the chances of winning significantly increase.
  • Injuries and disqualifications. This factor largely influences the previous one, because once the team loses a few leaders, the game changes immediately, and almost always not for the better.


Where to start in football betting?

To begin with, you should choose a suitable bookmaker with high odds, a large selection of events, and a convenient betting app.

What are the key metrics when analyzing football betting?

There are a lot of indicators, but first, we recommend evaluating the current form of the team in the last 5 matches, the presence of injuries and disqualifications, and the motivation for the next match.

Are there any special factors for live betting?

Of course, there are such factors. For example, changing weather conditions, injury to a key player at the beginning of the match, and others.

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