How Scripted Slots Work at Casinos in India

Virtual slot machines, like online casinos in India, are usually divided into legal and scripted ones. This directly determines the player’s ability to win and earn real money. In scripted slots, the user has no chance to win.

What are scripted gaming machines

Such emulators are also called open source video slots. This means that the visitor to the casino makes bets at random. Even with a strategy, it is impossible to guarantee a win. This is explained by the fact that representatives of a gambling establishment can change the random number generator at their discretion and adjust losing situations.

Any scammer can get such slots. True, you can’t find games of this kind in any licensed online casino in India. In clubs that have a certificate from a regulatory company, the software is also supplied under a license. This is content from branded providers who are ready to guarantee the independence of the RNG and equal conditions for both the casino owner and his client.

The mechanics of scripted slot machines is based on the following:

  • In the demo version, the player consistently wins. Winning comes one after another. On average, one winning spin falls on 10-20 spins, which is quite consistent with fair conditions.
  • When an online casino customer in India decides to deposit money, they also get an opportunity to earn. The player can catch up to 10 winning spins. However, after that, a losing streak begins.
  • The emulator starts to give out combinations that do not give any multipliers. Otherwise, the gains may be so small that they simply do not pay off the initial costs.

As a result, a gullible client in the casino loses not only the previously received winnings, but also the entire open deposit. The gambler relies on his own failure and is unaware that he is simply being fooled.

How to distinguish scripted slots from original ones

Firstly, branded gaming machines have a serial number. This marking is sewn into the paytable and displayed on the main screen when the application is launched. By serial number, you can punch the device in the manufacturer’s catalog and make sure that the game matches the original.

Secondly, you can go to the source code of the web page on which the gaming machine opens. There is information about which service the emulator is loaded from. Branded devices are launched only from the developer’s server. According to the license from the regulator, the owner of an online casino in India cannot put slots on the showcase without the participation of the manufacturer.

Why original slots are better

The key advantage of branded gaming machines in casinos in India is the availability of full functionality. In fake slots, free spins can be presented, but in reality the player will never get into this bonus round. In the original emulators, free spins really give a head start.

Branded slots are based on a random number generator. The RNG affects both the formation of winning combinations and the frequency of bonus options. The player has much more chances to earn:

  • Wild symbols provide additional multipliers. Such cards are often called multipliers. If the Wild card is included in the winning combination, then the bet can be multiplied by 100 times.
  • Special joker cards can be added to the mechanics. These are images thanks to which the user immediately receives the entire jackpot. If the original slot says that the maximum payout is 600,000 Indian rupees, then the player will receive this amount at a time.
  • The bonus round with free spins can be extended. This is done through scatter cards. If the gambler is very lucky, he will be able to spin the reels for free for about 200 times, but at the same time earn real money.

In branded video slots, you can implement different strategies. This tactic can be tied to deposits and casino bonuses. For example, a player receives a 100% first deposit bonus. Up to 10,000 INR appears on the prize balance.

The secret is that such a deposit actually guarantees a result for the user. Even if the first 5000 INR will be spent in losing spins, then in the future several winnings in a row will help to recoup these costs and get 5-10 times more.

How to choose the best casino slot machine in India

In the interface of the official website of the casino, you can already find all the necessary tips. Slot machines are presented in the form of a catalog of more than 1000 items. You can sort games by different characteristics:

  • Manufacturers. We are talking about video slot providers. Users will be able to sort games by brand. It is no secret that slots from Microgaming, BetSoft, Quickspin can include winnings up to 1,000,000 rubles, which explains the popularity of these brands.
  • Bonus features. The latest generation slots have a super bonus buy feature. With its help, the player can buy free spins for himself and increase the duration of the bonus round.
  • Plots and novelty. In old classical devices easier to win. These models are characterized by medium volatility. This means that the player does not have to wait too long for the first win.

There are more bonuses in the games of the new wave. This becomes an advantage, because the prize symbols fall out according to the random number generator. The more wilds the provider offers, the higher the probability of catching one of the bonuses in the next spin.

Each slot has a demo mode. In this tour, you can explore all the options of the game emulator for free. In addition, some Indian casinos allow you to choose the size of the virtual deposit.

Playing the demo regularly will help you get the hang of it and improve your hand. In addition, it makes it possible to determine the size of the deposit. Some games allow you to start with INR 1,000, while others require you to deposit more than INR 10,000.

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