How Much Does It Cost to Hire ASP.NET Developer India?

Earlier, companies did not has the option of adding any desired features and functionalities to websites and applications. And if they still wanted to add some features or functionalities, they had to pay a huge cost. To reduce this cost and create web applications with the required features, Microsoft launched its prominent framework – ASP.Net. ASP.Net has emerged as one of the best frameworks for developing web applications and services.

ASP.Net is an open-source, cross-platform framework used to build modern, cloud-based applications. Whether you wish to create a large corporate application or a small website, ASP.Net is known to be the best technology for all of them. Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits of this framework:

Enhanced Performance

One of the most important and obvious advantage of the ASP.Net framework is its enhanced performance. With new upgradations and enhancements, the optimized code leads to better performance. Moreover, you do not need to change the whole code. The code compiler of this framework will do that for you whenever needed.

Less Code

Being a new technology, .Net requires lesser coding. So, the developers can optimize the structure of the code by writing less statements. Since less coding is required, developers take less time to create an application which makes it a cost-effective option as well.

Easy to Maintain

With lesser coding, it automatically becomes easy to maintain an ASP.Net based application. Using ASP.Net developers not only take less amount of code for developing an application, but it becomes simple to manage and maintain them too.

Remarkable Toolbox

ASP.Net comes with a rich toolbox with its integrated Visual Studio Environment. The toolbox consist of various features like automatic deployment, drag and drop controls, and more.

MVC Architecture

The MVC architecture of this framework makes it simpler to create high-performance applications without any hassles. This architecture helps in compiling, coding, and testing every aspect of the app being created. It also enhances the app’s efficiency.

Microsoft Developed

ASP.Net is a Microsoft developed product. Microsoft is a big fish in the IT industry and hence developers rely on the products it creates. Same goes true for ASP.Net.

Cross-Platform Support

While using ASP.Net, developers aren’t limited to one platform only. With it, they have the freedom to create cross-platform applications, so it will work smoothly on every operating system and device, including Linux, Mac, and more.

Why Should Your Hire ASP.Net Developers from India?

Choosing the right technology partner can make the real difference to the growth of your organization. They should be able to understand the criticality of a project and offer all that they can to realize your objectives. If you hire ASP.Net developers India, they will ensure to go the extra mile to offer tailored solutions and services with streamlines procedures to add worth to your business. Some more reasons to hire ASP.Net developers India include:

Complete Visibility

Businesses expect to get involved in the project status. This helps them to keep themselves focused. Indian .Net developers offer you complete visibility when it comes to project status and involve you in each stage of the process. With them, you can enjoy your product’s journey as it goes through its lifecycle.

Custom Engagement

Different business requirements can complicate the deployment initiatives. If you are looking for flexible solutions to deal with such complex challenges, you should Hire ASP.NET Developers India as they can help smoothen the development hiccups with their custom solutions. They can delve deep in a business to know its specifications and develop solutions customized to meet their specific needs.

Specialized Support

Being linked to a knowledgeable and efficient support is quite comforting. ASP.Net developers India offer you committed and continuous support in every complication about deployment and maintenance. They are available 24/7 to ease every hinderance and issue in the way.


If you employ developer in-house, you have to pay them regularly, irrespective of the workload. You will also need to arrange infrastructure for R&D. But if you choose to work with an ASP.Net developer India by outsourcing the job, you can save a lot. It is because you only need to pay money for the work you get done.

Young Workforce

Most of the young population in India is committed to working within the IT sector. They can handle your requirements easily. Their energy, skills set, and excitement can increase your trust in them.

Get the best of digital innovations by creating applications that are scalable, fast, and secure. With ASP.Net, most of the dull work is removed in the development and maintenance process, which makes it a highly sought-after language. When you Hire Dedicated .NET Developers India, you get a competitive benefit with these special features and meet you requirements to develop, design, modify, migrate, maintain, and revamp the ASP.Net Applications.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an ASP.Net Developer From India?

When you choose to hire a dedicated .Net developer from a reputed service company, they will provide you the best and most skilled ASP.Net developer having expertise and proficiency in the related technologies. This will ensure that the developer won’t disappoint you ever and create a tailored and efficient web or mobile application with ASP.Net in an affordable way. Considering this, most companies charge between $20 to $25/ hour in India if you hire a .Net developer.

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