How Do You Get Hotforex Bonus?

If you want to know about the HotForex bonus, then you must understand what hotforex is? Hotforex offers traders an extensive selection of Forex pairs, including the local currency (ZAR) and US dollar. They are also licensed by five regulatory bodies, including FSCA, FSA/CySEC, which has made them stand out as a trustworthy broker in recent years with transparency at its core values.

Hotforex was established back in 2010, but it wasn’t until 2012 when they started offering two account types: basic accounts for beginners or an advanced trader looking for more sophisticated features like spreads tight executions; these offerings were later extended even though now there is only one base option – ZAR ($).

Who Regulates Hotforex?

The difference between a good and bad broker is the identity of their regulatory bodies. HotForex has been approved by several reputable authorities that provide additional comfort to traders, such as FSCA (South Africa) & DFSA: Dubai Securities Joint Authority.

While some brokers may only have one jurisdiction following strict rules for compensation schemes, they can’t offer protection in different regions, so you must do your research before opening an account or transferring money internationally.

Contacting Hotforex Support

The support team was helpful, although they did take a bit longer than expected to respond. The questions are designed to have suitable Forex and CFD knowledge for an account opening which is commended by their thoroughness in making sure clients meet these standards before being approved.

The markets open from 23:00 GMT/London time until Friday at 22:00 London Time. The phone or email support can be accessed 24/5 via Email Chat live chats within the applicable window hours depending on what’s available online based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Depositing And Withdraws From Hotforex

HotForex is a new brokerage that has some interesting features. For starters, they have no fees for deposits and withdrawals! Withdrawal times also depend on how you want to receive your money – check with them before deciding so as not to get stuck waiting weeks or more than two days due to an issue between yourself and another financial institution such as bank transfer delays from international wires being processed slowly by banks overseas which may lead up costing retail clients who need access their funds quickly over USD 10 per trade made at this period during pre-IPO trading stages when volumes were higher.

 What Trading Platforms Does Hotforex Use?

HotForex offers a wide variety of trading platforms. They have two options for you to choose from MT4 and MT5, each with its own set of features that will suit your needs perfectly.

Suppose bandwidth or location becomes an issue during execution speed tests. In that case, we recommend opting out on Hotforexs’ older product – this has been around longer, so there shouldn’t be any problems running it as well if maintained regularly.


HotForex offers a trader-friendly website with an easy-to-understand interface and plenty of trading options. They also provide great explanations that will help you get started in the markets or expand your knowledge when it comes time for more advanced topics such as short-selling strategies.

Hotforex may not boost high limits like other brokers. Still, their low minimum deposits mean anyone can try out this company before making any final decisions about where they want to invest money.


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