Home Remedies for hair fall control

Sick of spotting hair strands on your pillow or your bathroom drain after a hair wash? This might be a sign of excessive hair fall and damage. But, don’t worry, as we are here to provide you with a few hair fall solutions at home.

Hair fall can limit hairstyling techniques. Lack of luster and flat hair are problems that one faces every day. This often makes us a question and wonder, “How to stop hair fall immediately?” or “Does a hair fall solution actually exists?”. Here, we’ll try to answer all your questions by providing you with a remedy of ” how to stop hair fall immediately at home for females.”

1. Regular Oiling

Regular oiling is an old-school technique that promotes healthy hair growth, prevents hair fall, and fights dandruff. There are plenty of hair oils made especially for this purpose and can boost your hair growth. In addition, you can massage your scalp with oil, improving blood circulation and relieving stress that is the main cause of hair fall.

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2. use sulfur-free shampoo

In order to prevent hair fall, you must shift to the use of sulfate-free shampoo. Its ingredients are known to have to pacify properties that balance your scalp’s pH levels. Thus, it can prevent your scalp from blocking with excessive sebum and save you from the occurrence of bald patches.

3. DIY hair masks

If you’re wondering, “how to stop hair fall in winter,” then why not use homemade hair masks. DIY hair masks are nothing but a richer version of nourishing your hair. Some of the ingredients that can be used to prepare the same include; bananas, eggs, yogurt, etc. They help make your hair healthy and reduce hair damage in the comfort of your home.

4. Steam your hair

Steaming your hair helps in increasing circulation and rejuvenating the scalp. Its hypothermic effect opens your skin pores and boosts skin circulation. This effect rejuvenates the hair follicles and helps in limiting hair loss.

5. Intake more protein

Taking in adequate protein is important for hair growth. Lack of protein in the diet increases hair loss; thus, you must include at least 12 milligrams of iron in your daily diet. Foods like leafy vegetables, fish, soybean, and cereals should be a part of your diet.

Lastly, it is important to note that each individual has a different hair texture and type. Therefore, while some of these remedies might work for one individual, they might not work for another. You can use some yoga asanas for hair fall control Therefore, in case of severe hair fall, it is recommended that you seek professional help.

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