High Quality Lab Diamonds London

Diamond jewellery lovers have plenty of options when it comes to lab grown diamonds. While these stones aren’t exactly the same as natural diamonds, they can be an excellent option if you want to buy a beautiful, sparkling diamond at a lower price. This alternative is also a more environmentally friendly choice, with most of the production process being done using renewable energy. For those interested in lab grown diamonds, London is the place to visit.

Carbon seed

Lab created diamonds are grown in a laboratory. They begin life as a tiny carbon seed and then undergo a deposition process that mimics the formation of a natural diamond. Once grown, these stones are cut and polished to resemble a natural diamond. Although they look identical, they will have different inclusions. If you are buying a lab created diamond, it is important to note that the stones are not as precious as natural diamonds.

Natural diamonds

High-quality lab diamonds are almost identical to natural diamonds. They can be colourless or a variety of candy colours. They come in popular shapes such as the round, oval, and pear-shaped. The sparkle is identical to that of natural diamonds. While the clarity of lab grown diamonds is not as high as natural diamonds, these pieces still have the same brilliance and fire. However, lower clarity lab diamonds will have different inclusions compared to natural diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are an excellent choice for the discerning buyer. They’re less expensive than natural diamonds and are often the perfect choice for first-time buyers. A large number of lab-grown diamonds are certified as conflict-free by the Kimberley Process, so they can be worn by anyone. A good place to find a lab diamonds London is The Crystal Palace. A lab grown diamond will be the perfect match for a ring made of natural diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds

Although lab grown diamonds can be more expensive, the difference in price between a natural diamond and a lab grown diamond is relatively small. Because the price of natural diamonds is so high, it is not worth it to invest in a lab-grown one. Hence, a lab-grown stone is often cheaper than a natural one. In addition, the value of a lab-grown diamond may increase or decrease depending on its size.

A lab grown diamond is created artificially in a laboratory and looks exactly like a natural diamond. It is often colourless, but can also be in a range of candy colours. They are available in popular shapes, and their sparkle is comparable to that of a natural diamond. The biggest difference between natural and lab diamonds is their clarity. Those with higher clarity levels will have fewer inclusions, which are not found in a natural diamond.

Sparkle as natural diamonds

High-quality lab grown diamonds have the same sparkle as natural diamonds and are completely conflict-free. They are also available in many different shapes. The most common of these is a princess cut. In fact, the princess of Cambridge was wearing a ring with a pinkish hue that was created in a lab. A few weeks ago, she attended a meeting with a group of politicians and the two of them discussed the differences between natural and synthetic diamonds. The resulting rings were very popular, and Meghan Markle wore them on her finger.

Beauty of lab diamonds

The beauty of lab diamonds is that they are almost identical to natural diamonds, which is why they are often priced the same way. The only difference is that they are created by a laboratory, but they have the same sparkle as natural diamonds. These stones are usually not conflict-free, and are manufactured in a lab. Some of these gemstones are not even mined at all. They are manufactured by companies that have their own laboratories.

Last Thought:

Lab diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds. They start their life as tiny carbon seeds. They are created through a deposition process, which mimics the formation of a natural diamond. Within six to ten weeks, they are created and cut much like a real diamond. They are similar to a natural diamond in terms of appearance. Only a specialist will be able to tell the difference. In terms of color, a natural diamond is more costly than a lab grown diamond.

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