High heels for girls – do not buy them until you read it!

High heels for girls are something that has come into the fashion order relatively recently and as a result, more and more girls are seeking to go in high heels. If you, as a mother, wear high heels, your girls see you and they want to emulate you. In addition, social media, which has completely changed our ideal of beauty and values, has turned the issue of external visibility into one that is at the top of the priority list of boys and girls, even at very young ages.

It’s not uncommon to see little girls suddenly enter a living room with a dress, clown-smeared makeup, mom’s jewelry and mom’s high heels. This is because of the desire to grow up and be as big as a mother. But have you thought for a moment, are high heels good for girls? What are the pros and cons of the matter?

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In the following article, we will answer important questions and therefore give a little more background on the subject.   

High heels for girls – some background

The most important thing in shoes in general and in high heels, is to match the shoes to the girl’s foot. As long as the shoes fit and the girl wears them for a relatively short time, it is still considered fine. The girl will have a hard time getting around with high heels and if the shoe is the wrong size or does not fit exactly to the foot, it will be even harder for her.

If your daughters insist on wearing high heels and they do everything to get you to do so, there are a few things you need to know beforehand to make sure you maintain their safety and health.

High heels for girls – when are they allowed to start wearing high heels?

Did you know that wearing high heels at a young age can have a negative effect on the health of your girl’s feet? Childhood body bones develop and shape up to the age of 12-13 and therefore, locking of inappropriate shoes and shoes that force the foot to be at an unnatural angle (like high heels), can impair this development. Therefore, if you allow your girls to wear high heels at a young age, you will open the door to foot problems such as a short tendon problem.

At slightly later ages, your girls will find it easier to deal with high heels. Their bones are already less developing and have formed almost completely so walking in high heels will not cause developmental problems. Despite this, even at this age it is not advisable to allow girls to walk in high heels too much. Restrict them to use on high heels only on special occasions.

There is really no age when girls are ready for high heels, it’s all a matter of mastering walking this way. Only when the girls walk comfortably and with confidence, only then are they really ready for high heels. Pay attention to the shape and gait of the girls, you will see that they do not suffer from pain and of course, that the shoes fit their feet.

High heels for girls – how safe is it?

Letting your girls walk around a bit with your high heels is one thing, buying them their own high heels, before they reach the end of their development, is another thing. At a young age, their feet are still developing as we have already explained and as a result, high heels can hurt them.

High heels can cause ankle injuries which are usually much more serious in children than in adults due to the fact that their bones are still developing, growing and taking shape.

Walking with high heels causes hardening of the Achilles tendon, joint pain, shorter twin muscles, lower back pain, ingrown toenail, constant folding of the toes and more. It all happens even in old age and not just in young age.

However, it all depends on the dose. As long as you do not wear high heels regularly and daily but only at events, for a few hours, everything should be fine but it is still desirable that you know what the dangers are. Do you if you are willing to take that risk on your childhood?

High-heeled shoes for girls – if you have decided yes, match the shoes

The purpose of the article is not to prevent your childhood from walking on heels but to give you information about the dangers of walking with high heels. Now that we have done this and you are already aware of the dangers and problems, we will therefore explain what is important to do in case you still decide to allow your girls to go with high heels.

If you have approved for your girls to go with high heels, there are some things that can be done to try and minimize the damage they cause. First of all, the heel should be as short as possible to allow the girls as much balance as possible. In addition, you should choose shoes whose heel is not really a heel but a platform or a wide and thick heel.

In conclusion, it is very important that you know the dangers of walking with high heels and that is why this article was written. If you decide not to let your girls go with high heels, in the end, they will give up and ask again in a year or two, when they will be older. If you have nevertheless decided to allow your girls to wear high heels, note that this does not happen over time and that you buy them the most suitable shoes for them.

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