Here is What You Need to Do When an Insurance Adjuster Call You After a Car Accident

Usually, victims of car collisions are overwhelmed with the aftermath of a car accident. The insurance company is too quick and is trained to reduce its payout. While it is crucial to report your accident to the insurance company, it is also essential to keep specific do’s and don’ts while speaking to them. 

One of the main reasons you need to be extra careful when speaking to the insurance company is that everything you speak will be used against you to deny or reduce your compensation. 

Therefore, unless you speak to a Wytheville Auto Accident Lawyer, do not give any statement or talk to the insurance adjuster. 

Tips when an insurance adjuster calls you. 

  • Politely report the accident. 

The insurance company is obligated to know about your accident. You must politely report the accident to the insurance company. Do not accept your fault or say things that will make it look like you are at fault. You can give minor details about the accident, such as how it happened, when it happened, time, injuries you sustained, and more. 

  • Do not give too much information. 

When speaking to insurance companies, your ultimate goal is to report the accident and give minimum personal information to them. Refrain any information that can be used against you to lower your claim. For instance, avoid providing information about your injuries, accusation, statements, admitting guilt, and more. 

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  • Withhold personal information. 

The company will try to dig out all your personal information. While you are obligated to give them your information such as name, address, and other details, remember not to tell all the details about your work, family background, etc.

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  • Do not panic and remain calm. 

It is normal to feel angry at the opposite party when the accident happened due to someone else’s negligence; you must remain calm. Additionally, when the insurance company blames you, you may feel like defending yourself. However, remember not to panic and not to lose your temper. Remain calm and be respectful when you get a call from the insurance adjuster.

  • Avoid giving out any recorded statements. 

The insurance company will try to ask for a recorded statement from you about the accident. However, it is advisable not to give any recorded statement unless you talk to an attorney. In a situation where the insurance company asks you for a recorded statement, you can politely refuse and tell them you will speak to your lawyer first. Your lawyer will analyze your case and help you explore your legal options. 

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