Have You Ever Ordered Pull Me Up Cake? Let’s See How It Is?

Cakes are the most delicious items in this world and are loved by every group of people. When you search online or in local bakery shops, then you will find wide collections of cakes like designer cakes, pinata cakes, vegan cakes, and more. These cakes increase your joy and happiness on every special occasion like birthdays, weddings, parties, anniversaries, etc. 

Another unique cake is the pull me the cake. These cakes have been in demand since 2001. Pull me up cake is also called the waterfall cake or the tsunami cake, which is hitting the internet or other social platforms. The cake is embedded with a plastic covering, and when you pull up the plastic, it flows rich cream or chocolate over the dessert-like lava. By looking at its features and styles, make this cake unique from other cakes.

So, if you are interested in ordering this unique cake, then let’s see how it is. 

Top 6 Pull Me Up Cakes You Can Order Online

Pull-me-up cakes are designed in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Here are the top 6 types of pull-me-up cakes which you can order online or from a local bakery.

1] Choco Pull Me Up Cake

Choco pull-me-up cakes are specially designed with chocolates with liquid chocolate embedded over dessert. Chocolate sprinkles over the cake also add a unique surprise to the cake and the recipient. When you pull the plastic up, the liquid assembles all around the cake. 

You can easily get this cake from various online bakery platforms or local bakeries. The price of this cake is reasonable. 

Suppose your friend is living in Chennai and wants online cake delivery in Chennai, then choose the top flavor choco to pull me up the cake. Likewise, you can find the best cake delivery app or websites based on your location. They would love to receive it, and the taste would add glory to their special occasion.

2] Ferrero Surprise Delight

Ferrero surprise delight is another unique round-shaped pull-up cake that is trending nowadays. It acts as a centerpiece of attraction at parties. A crunchy Ferrero rocher ball is spread over the cake to make a signature finish. 

When you pull up the cakes, molten creamy, decadent chocolate rolls down. 

You can easily find this trending cake on trusted portals with the best discounts. These cakes are also affordable and reasonable in price.

3] Choco Gems Pull Me Up Cake

Choco gems pull cake is another best combination of gems and chocolate rolls. The top part of the cake is filled with colorful gems and sprinkles, which add happy hours to any special occasion, like birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and more. 

You can easily get this top-quality cake at online sites with the earliest delivery. The quality and quantity will never depress your happy times.

4] Choco Vanilla Pull Me Up Cake

The vanilla flavor cake is loved and appreciated by everyone. Choco Vanilla pull-me-up cake is also one of the trending tastes in Indian cakes and bakes.

This cake is round-shaped, with the base consisting of vanilla flavor with chocolate drizzle. The most exciting top layer is molten chocolate which will fall as the sheet is pulled up. It looks fantastic with the layers made on the top of desserts.

This cake is also available at online sites where you will get it at a reasonable price with discounts. Also, the earliest delivery options are the best part of online delivery. Moreover, some local bakeries also provide the same quality.

5] Kit Kat Pull Me Up Cake

Kit kat is another great flavor that you live to eat the most. This round shape pulled me up a cake with four Kitkats at the top. The cake consists of a creamy and crunchy texture with melted chocolate over it. Also, a milk chocolate layer with wafer pieces is pressed through the top. 

As the logo Kit Kat chocolate gives a break to life, this pulled-me-up cake also acts as a refresher and gives you a break for enjoying your life or someone’s special life through the cake.

Order from online sites and share with your friends and families and make the day memorable.

6] Chocolatey Pull Me Up Cake

The chocolatey pull-me-up cake is another great option for enjoying someone’s day or beautiful events. This is a round-shaped cake where your mouth is filled with heavenly delicious chocolate ganache.

When you pull the plastic up, a rich chocolate drive makes the celebration more lively. So, order cake online at a reasonable price and enjoy the beauty of life and taste.


Pull-me-up cakes are trending this season and loved by everyone. More than the taste, the excitement builds up and rocks the parties. Everybody wants to have the pleasure of pulling up the cake and seeing the cream flow around the walls of the cake. So, order this cake to bring excitement and love to someone special who is waiting for your cakes. 

So, go with these flavors to explore the latest cake available at various online sites as well as local bakeries.

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