Complete Guide for Online Degree Courses 2022-23 | Online MBA, MCA, MSc – BA, BCom, BBA Programs

The advancement of technology has worked as a boon in various areas such as work, business, communication, and entertainment. So, the education system is also being transformed with the advancement of technology. Therefore, with the help of modern technologies, you can complete your degree courses in 1 year just from your home. Also, you can learn from teachers who are thousands of miles away. If, you have any doubt regarding the online degree course. So, don’t worry we are here for a complete guide for online degree courses.

Therefore, nowadays, education is so much more accessible to everyone than it has ever been before. Like, If you want to complete your distance education in Kerala within one year. So, you can join an online degree program at any distance education college that is in another city or country.

In addition, below you will discover the various trending online degree courses. Also, you would know the job prospects of an online graduate degree.

What Is an Online Degree Course?

The meaning of the online degree course is, as its name says, a one-year course degree that you complete online. So, you can pursue many undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in online mode.

In an online degree course, you do not need to go to your college, nor do you have to attend a physical class. However, you can join an online class and interact with your teacher through video conferencing.

Additionally, you get many resources for your curriculum, such as e-books, audiobooks, pdfs, articles, videos of lectures, and various other study materials.

What Are Some Worthwhile Online Courses?

There are numerous online degree courses you can pursue according to your qualifications. So, below are noted some of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses that would help you get lucrative job opportunities.

Undergraduate Courses

BCS Degree Program

Bachelors of Computer Science (BCS) degrees allow students to develop a variety of computer applications. Therefore, this course is beneficial to you if you like programming and creating applications.

BCA Degree Program

A bachelor’s degree in computer applications provides you with the knowledge and skillsets required to work as a professional on a variety of computer applications. Also, with the help of this degree, you can get many job opportunities in the IT field.

BBA Degree Program

BBA or Bachelors of Computer Application is a degree in the management discipline. Also, the BBA has many specializations, so you can opt for any one of them. Also, this program gives you a fundamental understanding of leadership and entrepreneurship.

B.Sc Degree Program

B.Sc also known as Bachelor of Science is graduation in the science discipline. This program has many specializations that students can enrol in as per their interests.

BA Degree Program

Because it is open to students from all disciplines, the Bachelor of Arts (BA) is one of the most popular undergraduate degree programs. Also, the curriculum of the BA degree program is not very complex. Hence, students find the BA degree program convenient to opt for a BA degree and prepare for various exams.

B.Lis Degree Program

B.Lis or Bachelor of Library and Information Science provides you with the knowledge of library management and its other aspects. So, this program will help you to make a career in the field of library management.

Post-graduation Program

M.Com Degree Program

M.Com stands for Master of Commerce. This degree program gives an advanced understanding of finance and accountancy. Also, you can prepare for the CA and other government exams after completing your online M.Com degree.

MCA Degree Program

The MCA, or Master of Computer Application, degree program provides you with a comprehensive understanding of computer applications. So, you can secure a more lucrative job in the field of information technology.

MBA Degree Program

The Master of Business Administrator degree program imparts students with an insightful understanding of the corporate world. Also, it develops various essential skill sets and prepares you to take prestigious positions in a business or organization. So, you can opt for an online MBA program in India to get expertise in managerial skills.

Additionally, there are various specializations in an online MBA program in India, such as:

    • MBA in Digital Finance and Banking
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA in Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Retail Management
  • MBA in Finance Management
  • MBA in Healthcare Management, etc.

Besides that, you can pursue plenty of other post-graduation courses in an online degree program.

Job Opportunities After Completing Online Degree Courses

You can get job opportunities based on the degree program you enrol in. Hence, below are listed some of the job profiles of various online degree courses:

  • Accountant
  • Banker
  • Sales Executive
  • Management officer
  • Store manager
  • Anchor
  • Reporter
  • Web developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Web Designer
  • Computer engineer and various others.


You can enrol in any online degree courses as per your interest in the vocation field. Also, an online degree program will help you apply for various job profiles in both the private and the government sectors. So, you can enrol in UGC-DEB certified distance education colleges or institutes, and complete your graduate courses in online mode.

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