Guide for Applying to International Universities: Sending IELTS Scores Explained

Universities in the United States of America and European countries are attracting students from around the world. These foreign countries are “beaming” with growth and success by offering world-class educational facilities and lucrative career opportunities. Therefore, students dreaming of studying abroad must take this golden ticket to fulfill their dream. However, it is possible to encounter challenges like checking the IELTS band score or sending IELTS scores to universities or other confusion while applying to international universities. 

This blog allows candidates to gain knowledge on how to send IELTS scores to universities and understand the application process in a better way.

Process of Applying to International Universities

The work of an application process to foreign colleges starts with deciding on subjects and the specific university for enrolment. It is essential to understand that each country has its distinct process to follow. For example, in the USA, international students can directly apply through the university’s official website. On the contrary, international students need to submit their applications through a centralised portal in countries like the UK and Australia. 

An application process and documentation vary across bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. In addition to this, application eligibility requirements like grade requirements, language proficiency scores, professional expertise, etc., also differ across universities. However, there are some generic supporting documents that candidates applying to international universities must prepare prior in hand: 

  1. Official transcripts of secondary academic records (Bachelors) 
  2. Letters of recommendation as per university requirements
  3. Essay or Statement of Purpose/Intent
  4. Transcripts of undergraduate degree records (Masters) 
  5. Scorecards of English Language Proficiency Test
  6. Admission Test results
  7. Scanned documents of passport or other government ID proofs
  8. Resume/CV
  9. Portfolio/ digital presentation of current work (if asked by the university) 
  10. Research Proposal (Doctoral/PhD)

Candidates can upload documents on the official portal of the respective university. Moreover, to stay updated with any modifications or updates in the application process, candidates must keep their eyes on the admission section of the university’s websites. 

Though the application process seems to be a simple task, candidates are always searching for “how to check IELTS score” and “how to send IELTS scores to universities.”

Process of Checking IELTS score

Before answering how to send IELTS scores to universities, it is crucial to understand the correct process of checking IELTS scores. This blog provides step-by-step guidelines to check IELTS scores in a few simple clicks: 

Step 1: Go to the official website of IELTS

Step 2: Select the ‘Take an exam’ option and choose IELTS

Step 3: Choose option ‘Your Results’ on the right-hand side

Step 4: At this step, choose the option ‘Preview’ to get the result online

Note that a candidate can also fill in the required details like an actual date when he or she took the test, DOB of the candidate, registration number, and document identification number to check the result. Once the result is derived, a candidate can send the same to the concerned university.  Have a look at this –

How to Send IELTS Scores to Universities? 

The method of sending IELTS scores to universities is not complex. However, there are a few factors that every student sending the scores to foreign must understand.

  1. It takes 13 days from the date of the test given to get the results of the IELTS.
  2. Candidates can see test results online or through the Test Report Form (TRF) sent by mail. 

Here are the thorough guidelines as to how a candidate can send IELTS scores to universities: 

Selecting Universities

Candidates can send a request for a maximum of five TRFs for sending to the universities. The IELTS portal allows the candidates to select the five universities as per their preferences at registration. However, the IELTS authorities permit sending scores to more than five universities with the payment of extra fees. 

Send Request for Score Forwarding

There are two ways to send scores to the universities – Electronic Score Report Delivery and Paper TRF Delivery. The students must be aware of which method the university accepts before choosing the right method of score delivery. 

Payment and Submission

This final step involves submitting the application and paying the submission fees. As per the payment policy by IELTS authorities, sending scores via electronic method does not cost any charge. However, there is an additional charge of approximately USD 3.75 per university for sending IELTS to score more than five universities.

Generally, it takes five business days to receive the IELTS scores for the universities via electronic mode. However, in the case of paper mode, it takes six to ten business days to reach the universities. Hence, candidates searching for how to send IELTS scores to universities will be able to proceed without any complications.

In addition to this, there is a lot of daunting work that a candidate needs to carry out before making a successful application to his/her dream university. To offer assistance in the simple and quick application process, this blog offers a few essential tips that are beneficial for candidates: 

  1. To plan in a better way, it is recommendable to start early with the application process. Preparing the entire set of documents ready for application before the deadline will always put one on the safer side. 
  2. Choose multiple potential universities to increase the probability of selection. As per education experts, it is beneficial to target six to eight universities with the same desired courses. 
  3. Candidates should never forget to include their work experience details in the application form if it is from a similar domain, as work experience elevates the weightage of this application and increases the chances of getting selected multiple times. 
  4. It is mandatory to make correct submission of all required documents in exact order and format, as requested by the university. Missing out on any document while submitting would lose the chances of selection. 

The successful planning for the application process always acts as a boon, as it constitutes half of the task of the application. In addition to this, different international universities welcome students from all parts of the world to take admission to various courses. Hence, this blog highlighted the application process and how to send IELTS scores to universities concisely to help aspiring students. 

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