Grand Junction auto accident: Should you engage an attorney?

Coping with the consequences of an auto accident is not easy for anyone. If you were injured in such a mishap in Grand Junction, you need to weigh your legal options, especially if the other driver was reckless, drunk, or generally negligent. Colorado is a tort state. The responsible driver should pay compensation for your injuries and eventual losses, but as the claimant, the burden of proof is on you. Here comes the big question – Should you pursue your case alone or hire a Grand Junction auto accident attorney? Check some key aspects listed below. 

Beware of the insurance adjuster

If you are filing a third-party accident claim, you would expect the insurance company to empathize and understand your losses. Unfortunately, we live in a far-from-perfect worth. The claim adjuster would try their best to deny your claim. These professionals often restore to a wide range of tactics. They may pressure you for a statement, ask you to sign documents, or may give you an offer immediately after the accident. One of the key reasons to lawyer up is to get rid of such circumstances. Your accident attorney can negotiate for you. 

Get the expertise you need

PI lawyers in Grand Junction take up numerous auto accident claims and lawsuits every month, and they can easily tell what your claim is worth. Because they are often required to investigate an accident and gather information on the case, they have their own resources to get work done. Lawyers know when a case is more likely to go to trial and would work on the legal strategy accordingly. Attorneys often do the following things for clients – 

  • Evaluate the accident claim
  • Handle the paperwork and investigation
  • Talk to experts and witnesses
  • Negotiate with the other side
  • Represent clients in court

You don’t need to worry about finances for now

If your reservations with regard to hiring legal counsel for your accident case are related to your financial situation, you have nothing to worry about. Top accident lawyers work on a contingency fee – an arrangement where the lawyer gets their share of the settlement as their fee instead of an hourly rate. If you don’t win, your lawyer cannot twist your arm for their fee. However, you would still have to pay for the other expenses incurred to pursue your case. 

Call an accident lawyer now to know more about your case and insist on a personal meeting.

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