Gradient logos are well-known examples of the best places to apply

Gradient logos are among the latest trends in designing logos. This kind of logo is employed by a variety of large corporations that are well-known and admired throughout the world. In addition they stand out from other logos, and catch the attention of consumers and customers, which increases the brand’s recognition and also the quality of its products and services.

What is a logo?

A logo is a visual symbol or icon, image, inscribed text and so on. that is associated with a particular brand. In the same way logos can change depending on the current trends, however, despite the changes, they’ll remain identified with a specific brand.

Although the logo is only an image (icon or drawing, etc. ) however, it serves significant functions that impact the perception of brand and its popularity as well as its final profits.

One of the most popular trends of the moment is gradient logos that are very easy to create today (you can make it yourself or employing specially designed graphic designers).

Benefits and features of gradient logos

Gradient-style logos catch the attention of customers because of their intensity and saturation. They are distinct in comparison to other logos which tend to use minimal graphic design principles‘ branding, since it permits them to change the colors and designs, but there is no need to alter the foundation of the logo that is known by a lot of people. This logo with a gradient will certainly not go unnoticed by customers.

Additionally, these logos give the impression of depth It is also worthwhile to consider in advance how the logo will appear on various surfaces for advertising. The logo should look stunning in both big (banners) and smaller surfaces (website, business card and so on. ).

However the benefits of this fashion include its fact that it is virtually no color limits and designers are able to play around with their designs until the ideal outcome is reached.

Famous gradient logos

Gradient logos are utilized by a variety of famous brands. Some have even updated the style of their logos to catch the attention of their customers Some companies use an image with a gradient from the very beginning of their existence, and is modified slightly (change their color pallet). But, there are patterns that use gradients and are familiar to the majority of people.

1.) Instagram

The current Instagram logo first appeared in the year 2016. It’s a gradient-based logo which is in good contrast to other apps for mobile on smartphones and instantly grabs the interest of users. In addition the logo for the company is significantly improved compared to the original logo and still retains the characteristics of the original logo for the brand.

2) Mozilla Firefox

The browser was previously a highly popular browser, however in the past, its popularity has waned. The browser’s logo is designed in this manner and is constantly altered. It’s getting brighter and more vibrant, while the initial logo’s symbol (the Fox, which was introduced in 2004) can be seen in the logo of the brand.

3) Tinder

One of the most well-known dating apps on mobile has a logo that is gradient. In 2017 the logo was modified slightly (the text was removed but there was a light and was designed exactly like this). The icon of the application became more vibrant and was able to draw the attention of more users, due to which the popularity of the application on mobile has increased, and it was soon among the top sought-after dating apps for mobile devices.

4.) Mastercard

The logo also includes the appearance of a gradient, adding more colors and elegance. In the same way, when the brand was rebranded the logo was altered but the basic aspect remained, and was recognized by a lot of people. The logo is simple, and it catches the attention of users and it also states that it’s represented throughout the world.


Even though this type of logos was created some time ago the advancement of technology and capabilities have given this method of making and modernizing logos the chance to breathe new life into it and made this one of the top sought-after world styles. The distinctive logos of these types are distinct and give the logo a luminous and deep look which help it draw the attention of consumers.

However these logos are distinct and stand out from the background of rival logos. They may also be frequently given new colors without altering the original design, while preserving the original tradition of the brand and the regular customers.

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