Golden Retriever: Things you should know before taking them home

Golden Retriever is a dog loved by people all over the world. And in Thailand, it is very popular to party as well. However, although we have seen a lot of stubbornness in this dog breed. But there are still too many things. who may not yet know about this stubborn breed. which understanding Nong Golden gives more will make us love her more than ever What will each story have? Let’s see. In case friends who are thinking of raising a dog will know if we should adopt this breed of dog into the home or not.

  1. Golden Retriever is very suitable for children.

Many people may not know this. But veterinarians or cultivators know that. They are a breed that gets along with children easily. Because they usually have a friendly personality. and love peace and like to socialize very much, it can be said that if there is a house She could play with the little one at home all day.

  1. Some dens especially like to swim,

although “water” and dogs may not belong together. But some dens are quite unconventional. because they love to swim on the beach Plus, they were very happy when they did so. (However, some people don’t like water. It’s there as well. Haha.)

  1. The nose is very sensitive.

The smell is reliable. Because their noses had a very high sniffing power. They have special skills in finding objects. or objects And because of this, the police department or special units Train her to detect illegal things, or what friends may have seen is golden retriever puppies are also being trained to be service dogs with disabilities.

  1. Even though they seem easy but to gain the trust of Mrs. You also have to prove yourself.

Although they are calm and calm dogs. But it’s not that All of a sudden, they’re going to take care of every human being because each one of them needs love, care, and a lot of things you have to train. which if you don’t give your heart to it do not expect that it will come to pamper a dog called “Use your heart to buy your heart” indeed.

  1. Their bite power is extraordinary.

to see her still But I have to tell you that anyone who thinks like that may be because they’ve never been hit. These bastards reiterated. which makes many dog ​​trainers It is necessary to practice special picking skills. in order to prevent them from accidentally biting anything

  1. Golden Retriever There’s mad power. At its limit,

we’ve always seen dens go wild, crazy, and bustling. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be tired. And most people are misunderstood. I think Den can play all day. But the truth is not always like that. because they are just dogs that must have symptoms of exhaustion or lethargy Somewhat sleepy is normal, so if he is resting Let him have a good night’s sleep.

  1. Cold tolerance is not easy

Many people believe that This breed has fur that gives it extra warmth. Make it resistant to cold, whether from water. or air longer than usual But that’s not entirely true. and letting them swim Staying in the cold for too long is not a good idea. Because she may experience Hypothermia (excessive cold), which is many times life-threatening. The boss should know how to take good care of them. find warmth for him

  1. Try to give him time.

As you know, the Golden Retriever is a social animal a good dog in the house But that has led to the discovery of one thing owners should know, which is that, whenever possible, they should not be left “alone” for more than four to five hours, since she is a dog that needs interaction. Being alone, alone for too long, can make them feel deprived of happiness. This is why people love the Golden Retriever so much. If you have to go to other provinces or go somewhere far away that cannot bring the stubbornness with him I always leave it for a friend to take care of.

  1. Exercise is important. Make sure to take a walk

Because exercise is really important and dogs that lack exercise often cause various diseases to ask for as well. so if you have time Friends should always take him out for a walk or find something fun to do.

  1. Hair is a big deal.

Because Den is a medium-sized dog. causing the hair to spread It’s not a joke, haha, so before deciding to adopt them. should prepare the mind to be ready Including checking yourself if you are not allergic to dog hair or not. Because you have to be prepared to deal with the enormous hair of the models. But if you love me I can assure you that it’s not a problem.

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