Gemstones – tips to buy them

You may or may not know but our zodiac sign and kundli play a major role in your life. Some may have a good kundli while others may have a hard life. But let us tell you that you can improve your life by wearing your gemstone like obsidian which is a lucky stone. This stone is worn as per the zodiac sign and birth chart (kundli) of a person. There are different sorts of gemstones that you need to wear as recommended by the experts. 

If you are also willing to wear a gemstone then you need first consult an astrologer so that he can guide you about what type of gemstone you should be wearing and how you need to wear It. Gemstones are worn to bring improvements in life but if you won’t wear them as per your zodiac sign and birth chart then you may not be able to get their effects in the right manner. Therefore, it becomes essential to wear the right gemstone. However, along with wearing the right one, you also need to ensure that you have bought an original gemstone, there are many frauds in the market that are selling fake gemstones at the price of original ones. Therefore, you need to be aware. However, before, you go to a gem dealer, you need to find a good one. You can also look over the web for a gem dealer. Many gem dealers have also come on online platforms to provide people with the original gemstones. Furthermore, let us tell you that Khannagems is one of the best gemstone dealers providing its clients with the best quality of gemstones as per their requirements. Many articles have also been published in the newspapers regarding khannagems.

By opening this link, you will reach one of such articles of khannagems published in the newspapers. If you are buying your gemstone from here then you won’t have to worry about the originality of the gemstone because he sells his clients with only original and the best quality of gemstones. 

However, to ensure that you are buying an original gemstone, there are a few things that you will be required to keep in your mind. The points given below can be kept in mind to ensure that you are buying an original and good quality-gemstone. 

  • Color consideration is important: One of the most important things that you need to keep in your mind while buying a gemstone is its color. You will have to take care that the color of the gemstone is pure it is not a fake shaded color, it is a naturally colored gemstone. There are mainly three things on which the color of the gemstone depends. Those three factors are hue, saturation, and tone. To ensure, you are buying a naturally colored gemstone and not a shaded one then you should be checking its tone and saturation first. If you are buying a gemstone online then you should ask the dealer to provide you with a few original pictures and if possible, the videos of the gemstones. Based on the photos and videos provided, you can ensure the originality of the gemstones. If the dealer denies providing you with the pictures or videos then you should not be buying the gemstone from such a dealer without verifying at your end. If you take precautions while buying gemstone then you will end up buying an original one, otherwise, you may waste your money. 
  • Price and color comparison: Another important feature that you need to take into account is, in addition to color, price. There are various sellers in the market. Some of them are selling gemstones are higher prices than the prevailing market price. Therefore, before you place an order, you need to compare the prices offered by different sellers. The low price does not mean that you should buy that gemstone. There can also be the chances that the buyer might be selling the artificial gemstone. This is the reason why you should take into account both price and color. First, compare the price and choose the gemstone available at the current market price. After the price factor, you should be considering the color to ensure that the gemstone that you are going to buy is an original one so that your money does not go to waste. 
  • Type of the gemstone: Another important thing that you should be considering is the type of gemstone. There is no doubt that gemstones help in attracting positive energies and prevent negative energies to affect your life. But a gemstone will be working only if you have worn the right one. Wearing a gemstone without considering your birth chart and zodiac sign taking into account can work opposite and affect your life adversely. Therefore, before you buy a gemstone, you should be contacting an expert that can help you in choosing the right gemstone for you. You will be recommended with a gemstone based on your zodiac sign, birth chart, plant positions, and other important things. 

These are a few major things that you should be considering before buying. However, if you buy the right gemstone then you will have a lot of benefits from wearing it. 

You might not know but a gemstone has healing powers. You might be hurt from your life due to different reasons. It can be a breakup, failed marriage, job rejection, etc. All these incidences of life put us in a sad phase and it becomes very hard for some people to come out of it. If you are one of them who has faced any of these things and are not able to come out of it then you can go for a gemstone. A gemstone has healing powers. It can help you to come out of the sad phases of your life. The fortune of your life will be improved and you won’t have to face sad situations anymore. Furthermore, its benefits are not limited, there are a lot more benefits like calming weight, physical purpose, etc. 

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