Functionality and Factors to Consider When Buying a Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater heats water with sunlight. It can be used in households, institutions, and industries.

This articlediscusses the 300-litre solar water heater. It explains how the device functions and factors to consider when purchasing one. This articlecomes in handy before purchasing the device.

It is very cheap to use when heating water for use in a house. A user is able to save on energy costs since solar power is free compared to electricity and fuel. There is no emission of carbon dioxide that pollutes the air when using this device.

The following is an explanation of how the device works and some factors to consider when purchasing one.

How the water heater functions

Sunlight is absorbed by a collector that is placed on the roof which then changes it to heat. A circulating pump then transfers the heat to a water tank through the aid of a thermal regulator. This happens only when the collector is hotter than the water in the tank to avoid overheating.

It has a backup system that heats water to the required temperature when there is not enough sunlight. This is beneficial during rainy seasons.

What are the factors to consider when buying a solar water heater?

Number of users

Smaller homes often use about 200 litres of water per day while larger homes may use upto 300 litres. The 300 litre solar water heater price is easily affordable for a family. This amount of water serves all areas in the house including laundry. Industries and institutions use large amounts of water hence they require larger solar systems.

The source of water

The location of the tank or borehole supplying water to the house determines the pressure of water.

There are pressurized and non-pressurized water heaters. The non-pressurized type is effective when placed on the roof below the source of water to allow easy flow of water. On the other hand, the pressurized device can be placed anywhere in the house and the user has to pump water into the tank.

The lifespan of the device

A user should purchase the water heater from a company that has the highest reviews from other users. The company should also provide a warranty for the device. Its quality and price have to match in that a low quality device should not be expensive.

The type of tank on the device

Tanks used by solar heaters should be thick enough to retain heat. They should also be of good quality that does not produce a bad smell.

The geographic location of the user

It is important for a user to be aware of the weather conditions of their area. There should be sufficient sunlight during the daytime since the solar heater acquires the heat from the sunlight only


It is true to conclude that the price of a solar water heater is determined by the size required, its quality,

type and the company it is purchased from. It is also cheap to use since only purchasing and maintenance costs are required.

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