Free way to share Google Calendar with Outlook

How you can integrate your google calendar with outlook calendar um and not in the

stereotypical way of pulling google calendar into outlook.

There is complete reverse of that so this will be how you take your outlook calendar and publish that into your google calendar. If you find this a video useful then you know what to do and with that said let’s jump on over to the computer. So here we are Just in the google calendar via google chrome right so I’m in google chrome and I’ve loaded up my google calendar here and so you can see. I’ve got a couple of calendars on the left-hand side here and what I’m going to do is pull in an additional calendar. Which will be my outlook calendar. so, the first thing that we’re going to do is head over to and log in. Once we’ve logged into down.

The left-hand side here this app bar you’ll find your outlook calendar or outlook application. If you don’t see it there then actually click on this option and it will expand everything and you should be able to see in this section. Just here if however, it’s not

there then you can click on all apps and this will give you the full list of apps that you have access to and you want to find your google so your outlook calendar or outlook app okay just from there you can also do it and directly from calendar as well if you would prefer but for this example as most people are probably familiar with outlook I’m just going to use the outlook app okay so we’ll give that a click and it will open up your outlook calendar in a new window okay so a new tab just at the top here and for my outlook calendar okay um so with our outlook calendar open. What we want to then do is head. Over on the far-right hand side we see a little gear icon telesup

Calendar customized option

They will see this is all the settings that. we have access to here and as we scroll down at the very bottom.  We will see view all outlook settings we’ll give that a click and then this will load up uh all the settings for outlook and if you have general mail calendar and people and we want the Canada so to make sure that we selected the calendar setting and then inside the sub section here you have view events weather uh events from emails shared calendar customized actions and accounts. For more information visit this site: india songs

Finally see all the shared calendar options that we have access to so there’s share a

Calendar or publisher calendar okay if you choose the share a calendar that’s basically going to share your calendar to another outlook for another person within your organization okay so if there are let’s say two people in inorganization this is the option. You will use to share your outlook calendar directly to that one person, but it would only be within their outlook okay so that’s not what we want to do instead, we want to publish a calendar.

Publisher calendar

Publisher calendar and we’re going to publish our outlook into our google calendar okay So, what we’re going to do is select calendar now i only have the one calendar available so I’m just going to select calendar, but you may have more in that section there and so do choose the calendar that you want to actually synchronize with google the next thing.

You want to do is select the permissions for the calendar so not shared um or you know. You have got these three main options so the first thing that you want to do is

do you want them to see uh the titles and locations if not then you’re going to want to select?

How To Sync Outlook Calendar permission with Google Calendar?

Selected the permission levels you click on publish. This is then going to produce you two different. URL and then there’s something called an is URL and then you have two options here. One that resets the links and the other one unpublishes your outlook calendar so the html option.

Calendar now what we want to do is, head over to onlinebahisforum the google calendar so the tab that we open at first okay and within the google calendar on the left-hand side you see other calendars and a little plus icon we’re going to do is click on the plus, icon and then you’ll be presented with these options so there’s subscribe to a calendar create a

calendar browse calendars of interest and from URL or import.

What we want to do is use the from URL option so we’re going to give that a click from here we have the settings that are loaded up right. We have the add calendar section

from URL and then we have this location here, so this little grey box is where we’re going to paste in the copied URL the is URL. we copied from outlook.

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